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After the second evaluation, the seven elves who had pa.s.sed the test looked very awful, and the elf responsible for the selection exam had to give them some rest time.

Only, within his eyes, there was a trace of desolation.

Although the seven elves pa.s.sed the test, except for one elf, the other six elves had not pa.s.sed the second evaluation that well, just barely.

To say that they were not the best options was not harsh.

The leader of the Silvermoon Guards turned his attention to the only elf who had performed slightly better.

Only this guy was truly qualified.

An Ran slowed down his breathing and adjusted his mood. The second evaluation he had just went through was really unexpected.

An Ran did not notice that the elf of the Silvermoon Guards was watching him.

Just as the third phase was about to begin, a small wave of figures whizzed toward the examination site.

"Wait!!" Mo Yu fearlessly roared at the examination site; his slender hand directly gripped the wrist of the Silvermoon Guard’s elf leader.

"Master Yu?" The elf leader was obviously stunned upon seeing Mo Yu.

"Master Yu?" The elves who were taking the exam on the side instantly gasped when they heard these two words!

In the Silvermoon Guards, he was one of the five best team captains in recent years! The elves called him Master Yu!

He was responsible for one of the roads leading from Moons.h.i.+ne City to a black-level city!

It could be said that in the Silvermoon Guards, aside from the Chief Commander, the positions of Mo Yu, Mo Feng and others were the highest.

The five of them were not old yet, but their strength was unusually great. Thus, they became the idols of many elves.

Mo Yu and the others had always been in the Moons.h.i.+ne City, and they would rarely leave. However, the elves did not expect that they would see Mo Yu here today!

But before the elves could recover from their shock at seeing Mo Yu, Mo Feng and the others also came over.

Five handsome young elves with elegant temperaments suddenly appeared in the examination site, so that all the elves almost stared their eyes out!

"That is Mo Feng!"

"Mo Yan! It’s Mo Yan! I admire him very much!"

"Ah ah! My Master Lei is also here!"

"Master Mu, aiya... I’m going to faint..."

The five captains of the Silvermoon Guards, also known as the Five Young Silvermoon, could be said to be the super idols in the minds of the elves.

The appearance of the five elves immediately sparked a commotion.

When the elf leader of the Silvermoon Guards, who was in charge of the exam, saw the appearance of the Five Young Silvermoon, he immediately straightened out his posture and saluted them respectfully.

"Master Yu, may I know why have you come?" The Silvermoon Guard’s elf leader looked at them with some surprise. During this time, they were always stationed in the Moons.h.i.+ne City, and even the things like guarding the road were handed over to other members of the Silvermoon Guards to deal with. How could they suddenly run to the advanced training camp?

The elf leader was full of doubts when the corner of his eyes saw a strange bruise on Mo Yu’s left cheek.

On such a white and handsome face, that bluish-black bruised looked very... ostentatious!

"Cough. We just casually came over to take a look. We happened to meet this elf halfway. Seeing that she is also going to take the exam, we took her along." Mo Yu noticed the other elf’s line of sight and somewhat awkwardly turned his face aside a bit. He reached out to pull Shen Yanxiao, who had drowned under their glory, in front of the elf leader.

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