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"She’s already here?" That elf was clearly stunned.

Only then did Shen Yanxiao see the other side's appearance. He was a tall male elf, and while compared with Wu En and Elder Yue, this elf seemed to be younger, in human years, he was similar to an old man in his 50s or 60s. 

"This is Jing You, also a member of the Moonlight Tribe." Wu En took a glance at Jing You before turning his head to Shen Yanxiao and introducing the elf with an amiable look.

The speed at which his expression changed really made Shen Yanxiao let out a sigh.

"h.e.l.lo." Shen Yanxiao got up and smilingly greeted Jing You.

"Good." Jing You smiled back at Shen Yanxiao and said, "That about what I’ve just said... It is just nonsense. Wu Yue is a very good elf, he definitely did not trick you into joining. We will treat you well and you can rest a.s.sured there’s no scourge here to harm you."

Jing You tried to find room for his own gaffe, but he only gave people a feeling of making matters even worse.

"Who is the scourge?" Another low voice sounded so suddenly. Outside the door, another elderly elf in a purple robe walked over. He looked at the suddenly lively lounge room with a smile.

"Liang Qiu, you’ve returned." Wu En looked at the elf who had just arrived and smiled.

Liang Qiu came over and saw Shen Yanxiao standing to the side; his eyes lit up.

"Yan Xiao?"

Shen Yanxiao nodded.

"You are even faster than us." With a burst of laughter, another two old elves walked in from outside the door.

"The little fella is here? The two of us wanted to find you and go here together."

Wu En immediately said to Shen Yanxiao, "This is Cang Yan, the other is Qing Xuan."

Shen Yanxiao met the Moonlight Tribe elves one after another.

This group of elves were no longer young. The youngest among them, which was Jing You, was probably already over three hundred years old, while the ages of the rest of them were over four hundred years old; converted to human age, they were probably in their eighties.

After such a long time, the empty room became lively at once. The five elves sat around Shen Yanxiao; all of their eyes were incomparably fiery.

Who could understand the sadness of these elders?

Watching the Moonlight Tribe elves die without seeing any fresh blood come in, these old fellows could only wait for the end of their lives day by day in silence.

It wasn’t that they didn't think of inviting other elves to enter the Moonlight Tribe, but they were in a black-level city, and the elves they could find here were all black elves.

The black-level cities was a gathering place of many elf tribes. As for the elves who could stay in a black-level city, who among them did not enjoy the various privileges of their tribes?

Moreover, elves would never betray their own tribes and join other tribes. This had never changed, not even now.

Even though the Moonlight Tribe was a heroic tribe in the elves’ hearts, no one had really ever thought of leaving their original tribe to join them.

Of course, even if someone did this, it was feared that they would feel that the other party was too ungrateful and would not accept them.

The appearance of Shen Yanxiao was an accident. She didn’t belong to any tribe, and there was no elf who would be concerned about her. She was the best elf to join the Moonlight Tribe.

G.o.d knew what a happy thing it was for a group of almost dead old elves to suddenly see a little fellow full of energy in their midst.

Therefore, almost as soon as Wu Yue told them that Shen Yanxiao would be joining their tribe, they could not wait to quickly agree.

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