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Aeternatix: Hmmm... I wonder if I should disclose the subject matter yet...

"What?" Duan Yuan was a little stunned.

This cute, little boy that was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with arrogance was none other than Vermillion Bird, and standing next to him was, of course, Shen Yanxiao!

Vermillion Bird raised his chin so arrogantly as he looked at Duan Yuan.

Duan Yuan looked at Vermillion Bird from head to foot and immediately linked him to the Mythological Beast that the Moons.h.i.+ne Tribe elves had described.


This Mythological Beast really existed?

"There may be some misunderstanding about this." Duan Yuan was dripping with sweat as he looked at Vermillion Bird. The relations.h.i.+p between the elves and magical beasts was very delicate. It had always been like the well water that did not intrude into the river water[1]. The elves did not care whether the magical beasts entered or left the city gates, and the magical beasts did not like to have too much contact with the elves.

For magical beasts, the indifference of the elves made them feel quite bored, plus the Moon G.o.d Continent had always been calm, which made the warlike factors within magical beasts completely useless.

"What misunderstanding! Then let me ask you, did you not close down the Moons.h.i.+ne Trading House before?!" Vermillion Bird asked impolitely.

Duan Yuan answered, "Yes, but..."

Vermillion Bird did not give Duan Yuan any opportunity to explain as he quickly bombarded him with words, "See there! You have seized a large number of gemstones and crystal coins! Those are mine! You thieves!"

Duan Yuan wanted to cry very much. He already knew that creatures like Mythological Beasts had a very bad temper, but the one in front of him was just too unreasonable. He did not even give him any chance for a little explanation and just directly labelled them as thieves.

"Please listen to me..." Duan Yuan was struggling quite hard.

"Stop talking nonsense! Just give me my gemstones and crystal coins back!" Vermilion Bird did not know how to write the words "amenable to reason" at all.

Duan Yuan could only remain silent while watching Vermillion Bird's arrogant stance. He did not doubt at all that if he provoked the wrath of this Mythological Beast, the City Lord Residence would be engulfed by a sea of fire in the next second.

"Don't be so excited, listen to the City Lord’s explanation first." Seeing that Duan Yuan’s face was already as black as the bottom of a pot, Shen Yanxiao, who had been silent while standing next to Vermillion Bird from the very beginning, came forward to persuade him at the right time.

"This is?" Duan Yuan looked at the little elf beside Vermillion Bird. When his eyes fell on the badges pinned on Shen Yanxiao’s chest, a hint of astonishment appeared within his eyes in an instant.

Weren’t those the badges of the Silvermoon Guards and the Moonlight Tribe?

This little elf was a member of the Silvermoon Guards? And also a Moonlight Tribe elf?

Duan Yuan’s jaw suddenly fell to the ground.

"My name is Yan Xiao. In fact, the gemstones you have seized from the Moonlight Trading House belong to me." Shen Yanxiao was all smiles as she spoke.

After suffering the irrational bombardment of Vermillion Bird, Shen Yanxiao, who was beaming from ear to ear, looked really lovable and considerate in Duan Yuan’s eyes.

"Are those gemstones really yours? Then, I am very sorry. We are more cautious about this matter. According to our investigation, the origin of these gemstones should be the Radiance Continent where human beings live. Moon G.o.d Continent has blocked the trading of gemstones that came from the Radiance Continent. The sudden addition of so many gemstones in the Moons.h.i.+ne Tribe had caught our attention." Duan Yuan felt relieved. Shen Yanxiao seemed to be family to this Vermillion Bird, at least there was a master who could talk about things with him.

"Nonsense! Block whatever you like, it’s none of my business! But all these gemstones were acc.u.mulated when I was in the Radiance Continent and now, I am giving these to the little one of my family as gifts. You are really good, you actually don’t distinguish between right and wrong and embezzle as you wish. You are all thieves! Bandits! Shameless!” Vermillion Bird glared angrily at Duan Yuan and relentlessly used the words that Shen Yanxiao had just taught him.

[1] meaning: each side minds their own business

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