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Aeternatix: Was gonna draw this out for longer, but 'eh. Subject matter is "Family Dinner"

On the other end, Duan Yuan had begun to use all the power in his hand to investigate Shen Yanxiao. The elves were very efficient in their work. However, when Duan Yuan received the news, he was very astounded.

The source of the information he had received was from the black-level city, Wind City.

According to that information, Shen Yanxiao suddenly appeared in Fragrant Night City six months ago. Later, because she wanted to join the training camp, she got acquainted with Mo Yu. In Fragrant Night City, Mo Yu once made Shen Yanxiao undergo an advancement test, and because the results of Shen Yanxiao’s test were too shocking, many elves in Fragrant Night City remembered this elf.

Many elves could still remember clearly that Shen Yanxiao had only a cyan badge on her body at that time, and she was not wearing any tribal badge.

Afterward, Mo Yu sent Shen Yanxiao to the advanced training camp. Shen Yanxiao spent the following period of time inside the advanced training camp. She also got the appreciation of Elder Yue during her time in the advanced training camp and thus was included in the Moonlight Tribe. Only then did she have her own tribe.

It could be said that when Shen Yanxiao was in Fragrant Night City, she was one dest.i.tute elf. If it had not been for the next series of adventures, no one would have imagined that she would have achieved what she had today.

A row of records about Shen Yanxiao was placed in front of Duan Yuan. Apart from being shocked, he was also left speechless.

The source of this information was absolutely reliable. It being false was not possible in the least bit.

This meant that everything that Shen Yanxiao said was true.

She was an orphan, and she was taken in and raised by that Mythological Beast!

"The world is really full of wonders." Duan Yuan wryly smiled. It was no wonder that the Mythological Beast would be so generous to an elf, it was because Shen Yanxiao was raised by that Mythological Beast with his own hands!

Now that he had confirmed the ident.i.ty of Shen Yanxiao, Duan Yuan would naturally believe everything that Shen Yanxiao had said.

Obviously, the Moons.h.i.+ne Tribe was innocent.

"But, I still need to give Yan Xiao an explanation about this matter." Duan Yuan sighed, after which he got up and walked toward the lounge. This matter was a mistake in his judgment, and he should give an explanation to Shen Yanxiao and the Moons.h.i.+ne Tribe elves.

Duan Yuan was very careful as he had his men go to the storeroom to fetch the portion of the gemstones and crystal coins belonging to Shen Yanxiao while he himself went to the lounge first.

Before Duan Yuan entered the door of the lounge, he heard the conversation between Duan Xue and Shen Yanxiao.

His originally tight face showed a smile.

To be honest, the fact that Shen Yanxiao was able to reach this stage today was really commendable. He was rather pleased to see his daughter making friends with such a gifted elf.

"Yan Xiao, things have been made clear, it is a mistake on our side. I have let my men go and bring your things to you. I am really sorry." Thinking that a City Lord such as himself had actually robbed the property of a little fellow, Duan Yuan could feel his face heat up.

Of course, it was impossible for him to have taken a dime. All the seized gemstones and crystal coins had been placed in the storeroom.

Even if the Moons.h.i.+ne Tribe were found guilty, these things would also be handed over to the Elf King, and the Elf King would be the one to deal with them.

Vermillion Bird was quite absorbed in his character as he coldly harrumphed upon looking at Duan Yuan.

Shen Yanxiao smiled and said, "It doesn't matter, it's just a misunderstanding. City Lord Duan Yuan has worked hard."

"You're too kind, this is my mistake." The more Shen Yanxiao acted polite, the more embarra.s.sed Duan Yuan got.

As a result, Duan Yuan did not notice at all, that under Shen Yanxiao’s seemingly pure smile, her eyes were actually flas.h.i.+ng with an evil light.

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