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This undoubtedly made a group of adult elves like them feel like wastes.

But this little fellow was unexpectedly trying to fight with an adult elf...

If Shen Yanxiao was not crazy, then it was they who were crazy.

The battle arena was surrounded by spectating elves. In truth, the Elf was a race that was not too fond of commotions; however, the two individuals above the arena were truly a pair of strange flowers. One big and one small, and they were also both members of the Silvermoon Guards. Even the calmest elf would want to see the result of this battle.

Duan Xue silently departed when Shen Yanxiao and others left. No one discovered her when she returned to the City Lord Residence, but as she pa.s.sed through the lounge, she saw Duan Yuan sitting there with a gloomy face.

"Father?" Duan Xue called out with a soft voice.

"Little Xue, do you remember that Yan Xiao?" Duan Yuan asked.

Duan Xue nodded.

"Ai, I don't know what happened between her and Shui Miao that they actually want to go up in the arena. You may not know but that Shui Miao is a top-notch member of the Silvermoon Guards. Yan Xiao, on the other hand, has just pa.s.sed the selection exam. It really makes me feel anxious for her." Duan Yuan was a bit distressed. Although he did not know the wager between Shen Yanxiao and Shui Miao, he did not want to see the "clever" and "considerate" little fellow like Shen Yanxiao being beaten by Shui Miao.

Duan Xue did not speak and just sat down quietly next to Duan Yuan.

Above the battle arena, Shui Miao looked at Shen Yanxiao, who was standing opposite him, with a smile on his face.

"When you compared notes with Shui Ling at that time, it was through archery. So today, we are also using archery." Shui Miao sneeringly said. He would not kill Shen Yanxiao; he would only let her feel the pain that his younger brother had felt that time.

He would let her live. Staying on the Moonlight Coast forever would be her biggest punishment.

Without future, without hope, she would stay in such a barren coastal area with only a thin life force until she died from old age.

To destroy the future of Shen Yanxiao was what Shui Miao desired.

"All right." Shen Yanxiao shrugged her shoulders. She had no reason to refuse.

She did not know much about Shui Miao’s strength, but since he could enter the Silvermoon Guards, his strength must not be simple.

Although Shen Yanxiao appeared very relaxed on the surface, if one were to examine her closely, they would see that she had already begun to take precautions.

She did not want to lose. This wasn’t just a mentality, rather she wanted it to be a fact.

Underestimating the enemy was always a great taboo for soldiers.

Shen Yanxiao took out the golden longbow which Lan Si had given her from her storage ring. The reason why she chose Lan Si’s bow as her weapon was because of the Purple Baron.

This bow was called Golden Flames.

The Purple Baron was made by Lan Si, therefore Shen Yanxiao would be more familiar with the bows created by Lan Si.

Every forgeman had their own habit of creating weapons.

When Shui Miao saw the Golden Flames in the hands of Shen Yanxiao, his eyes slightly narrowed.

With his vision, it was not difficult to see that the bow in Shen Yanxiao’s hands wasn’t just anything. No matter in which city in Moon G.o.d Continent it might be placed, it would easily be the best bow.

Thinking of the fact that Shen Yanxiao was now a member of the Moonlight Tribe, Shui Miao sneered.

This little girl was just lucky that she was favored by Elder Yue. Otherwise, with her strength, she was not worthy of entering the Moonlight Tribe.

Not to mention the gifts of the several grandmasters of the Moonlight Tribe, which was not what she was supposed to have.

Shui Miao immediately took out his bow. Shui Miao’s bow was also a golden bow. Only, unlike the simple and plain bow in Shen Yanxiao’s hands, the bow of Shui Miao was inlaid with dazzling green gems.

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