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Shui Miao now greatly regretted his decision to make such a bet with Shen Yanxiao. Now, Shen Yanxiao had practically driven him off the side of the road.

He did not have a chance to back off.

If he dared back off now, a lot of people would surely point their fingers at him, and he would even bring the reputation of the entire Qingyuan Tribe into the abyss.

He clearly had arranged the battle this time in the face of the public in order to humiliate Shen Yanxiao, but now it had brought ruin upon himself instead.

The elves who had watched the whole battle today would be the witnesses of this incident. Shui Miao had no more chance to turn things around!

Shui Miao’s shoulders collapsed. He couldn’t even feel the sharp pain of the wound on his body. His heart had already been overwhelmed by remorse. He only hated himself, his need to take things further than they should be.

There was a saying that one should keep things in line, to have room for discussion later.

However, Shui Miao relied on his own tribe and his own strength to wantonly trample on Shen Yanxiao’s dignity, as well as the Moons.h.i.+ne Tribe.

One would not die if he did not seek death.

Shen Yanxiao definitely would never give any sympathy to such an arrogant fool.

"I admit defeat, and I will go to the Moonlight Coast. But please, I also ask of you to treat the injuries of those elves. They only did this for my sake." Shui Miao finally abandoned his dignity. His not yet thoroughly polluted soul allowed him say the word "please" to Shen Yanxiao for the sake of his companions’ lives.

"Good." Shen Yanxiao agreed without delay.

Shui Miao nodded his head before his incomparably desolate and lonely tall figure flurriedly left from the arena.

The bright sun above the sky elongated Shui Miao’s shadow on the ground.

An elf, who once had a promising future, paid an unbearable price for his arrogance and frivolity.

"An Ran, help me contact the City Lord Duan Yuan, and let him find an elf to treat these elves of the Qingyuan Tribe." Shen Yanxiao jumped down from the platform under the gazes of all the elves. Vermillion Bird quietly followed behind her.

Almost at the same time, all the elves immediately gave up an open s.p.a.ce. No one dared to provoke this powerful little elf with the backing of a Mythological Beast.

Under the crowded arena, a loose pa.s.sage was automatically and spontaneously opened.

Shen Yanxiao did not have much reaction and merely went straight in Shen Jing’s direction with a smile on her face.

"You didn't bring shame to your father, no... you are actually better than your father." Shen Jing smiled and his eyes were filled with pride.

This was the seedling of their Vermillion Bird Clan!

Excellent enough to make the people around the world pay respect in admiration!

If previously Shen Jing did not have an accurate a.s.sessment of Shen Yanxiao’s strength, then after this one battle, Shen Jing not only knew the ferocious strength of Shen Yanxiao, but also knew that she was a genius who was good at using her mind in battle. 

If Shen Yanxiao had brought out the true level of her strength from the very beginning and competed with Shui Miao, then even if Shen Yanxiao could still achieve victory in the end, he feared that she would also have had to pay some price.

After all, Shui Miao was not just any waste; he was the top-notch member of the Silvermoon Guards.

However, Shen Yanxiao was very clever in choosing a way that was both not laborious and could ensure that she was in perfect condition to beat Shui Miao.

Her last minute counterattack was beautiful enough to make Shen Jing almost want to clap his hands and cheer loudly.

With her own hands, Shen Yanxiao let Shui Miao experience heaven in the first second, then the huge gap of h.e.l.l in the next second.

Black-bellied, too black-bellied!

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