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Shen Yanxiao stared blankly a bit. She had never thought that the magical beast being trapped by the elves would actually be Vermillion Bird’s enemy!

"Is it Taotie?" Shen Yanxiao remembered the name of this certain magical beast. When Nangong Mengmeng mentioned Taotie at that time, the reaction of Vermillion Bird was very strong.

"Yes." Vermillion Bird said indignantly.

"A dragon gave birth to nine sons, but none of them was a dragon. Taotie is one of them. This guy is cruel and greedy. During that year, he brought chaos all around, devouring every human being. Your ancestor, who was my former master, took me to fight against him in order to get rid of him. In that battle, Taotie and I were evenly matched, but this guy has a special ability to devour everything and turn the power of the thing he had devoured into his own. Did you know? When we finally located him, there were two high-level magical beasts beside him, but at the end of my fight with him, this guy actually swallowed his own companions and absorbed the power of the two high-level magical beasts. I was then severely wounded and he escaped without a trace." Vermillion Bird's voice was clearly full of anger.

Shen Yanxiao knew that the dragon from Vermillion Bird’s mouth was not Azure Dragon.

Azure Dragon belonged to the category of spiritual beasts, but the dragon that Vermillion Bird had mentioned was the Dragon G.o.d.

It was the G.o.d of all dragons and belonged to the G.o.d Race.

Whether it was Azure Dragon or the dragons of the Dragon Race, their ancestors all originated from the Dragon G.o.d.

The Dragon G.o.d was beyond the existence of the Legendary Beasts; it was ranked as a Supreme G.o.d.

And each of the sons of this Dragon G.o.d that Vermillion had mentioned was a powerful magical beast.

"You were evenly matched? Then he should only be at the level of a Mythological Beast, then... why did you say it is a Holy Beast?" Shen Yanxiao could not understand. Compared to human beings, it was far more difficult for magical beasts to advance a level. Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermillion Bird, Black Tortoise, and Qilin had remained in the level of Mythological Beast for nearly ten thousand years and still could not break through the realm of the Holy Beast.

In that year, Taotie must also have suffered serious injuries, otherwise he would not run away. But how come after just several hundreds of years, not only did it restore all of his strength, but also broke through the realm of the Holy Beast?

"I don't know. The only thing I can be sure of is that, even if I were to team up with Azure Dragon and the others right now, we definitely would not be Taotie’s opponents." No matter how proud and arrogant Vermillion Bird was, he still had to admit this fact.

The gap between the Holy Beast and Mythological Beast was simply a chasm that could not be crossed.

They had experienced a lot of things for thousands of years, absorbing the essence of the sun and the moon; they cultivated strenuously, but still could not cross this hurdle.

It was conceivable how difficult it was to reach this realm.

"You are still not his opponent, even if all of you join hands?" Shen Yanxiao was utterly shocked.

Taotie was actually tyrannical to this degree? Then, what method did the elves use to trap him?

"Even if the eight Mythological Beasts of The Rising Sun City fight against him together, at most, we can only take him down with us." Vermillion Bird's voice was full of frustration. A hundred years ago, he could still rival Taotie, but now his level was already so far from what Vermillion Bird could contend against. Plus, the injuries on his body were still not completely healed.

Such a deadly blow, for someone who had a high self-esteem such as Vermillion Bird, was truly too terrible.

"You have to be careful. Taotie has grown to be a Holy Beast. Even if I have the heart to protect you, I’m afraid I can only delay him for a little while. If you think you’re really in a bad situation, then... let that b.a.s.t.a.r.d come out. At present, only he can fight with Taotie." Vermillion Bird had already made a plan for the worst case scenario. If the elves could not suppress Taotie, then he would do his best to keep Shen Yanxiao safe!

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