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Chapter 142nd Say Nothing in Everything (6)

Outside the cave, Shen Yanxiao who heard Kang Si’s words cannot help but spit out her small lilac tongue. Her current distance from them is more than 10 meters, but if she happened to be a little bit closer, she’s afraid that the badges on her storage ring have immediately emitted a signal.

Fortunately, she decided to stay here to observe Cao Xu’s situation, otherwise it would be impossible to know that the badge on their body has that kind of effect.

Shen Yanxiao thought that it would be best for her to go away from here as soon as possible. But when she was about to leave with Vermillion Bird, Kang Si took out four bottles of light blue potions from his storage ring.

“This is the antidote to the suppression potion. Drink these now and then leave the Dark Forest with me afterwards.”

Shen Yanxiao’s eyes immediately lit up. Her sparkling eyes were staring at the four bottles of potions currently on the hands of Kang Si.

Really, *to break through the iron shoes without seeking office, one have to spend all effort!

[tl: This is a Chinese idiom which (if I and google are correct) means, you urgently needed things and spent a lot of effort but instead you inadvertently get it in the end. It’s translated from translation tools so it might not be accurate.]

She did not think that the antidote will be carried by the mentor!

Shen Yanxiao continued to observe the situation in the cave. Aside from Shangguan Xiao, she watched the four people drink the light blue potions unwillingly. Without a moment’s effort, the four tired faces immediately regain their youthful vigor.

Cao Xu and the others never thought that the Super Team, which was led by three top students of several Branches, would be eliminated on the second day of the exam. Furthermore, Kang Si took them out of the Dark Forest without knowing how their badges disappeared.

In any case, Cao Xu has something to do with the disappearance of their badges. Regardless whether Cao Xu would admit it or not, the other four people already have a great deal of enmity towards him.

As for the real culprit who caused the annihilation of this super team, the initiator of evil, Shen Yanxiao’s mood is simply wonderful.

Not only did she discover the little magic on the badge, but she also found a chance to get a free antidote!

Although she doesn’t care too much about her four pig-like teammates, but as the one being relied on, she still has to rescue the four animals in their misery.

How to get the antidote from the mentor’s hands… this is the issue.

Shen Yanxiao has been wandering in the Dark Forest for most of the day. She has run into some Holy Roland’s students from time to time. Most of them are in a small range of group fights. All kinds of magic and arrows are flying over the sky, so the originally quiet Dark Forest became noisy.

Except for these students, she had not found any mentor of Holy Roland School.

It seems that, unless they discover the team they are responsible for has been disqualified, they will not be allowed to enter the Dark Forest, as to not disrupt the test.

The only thing Shen Yanxiao needed was to deceive one of the mentors into the Dark Forest.

Once the mentor enters the Dark Forest, she has plenty of means to steal three bottles of antidote from the mentor’s storage ring, even G.o.ds would not know.

As to how she will trick the mentor into the Dark Forest…

Of course …

By robbing another team of their badge!

“Oh! How unfortunate!” After Shen Yanxiao made up her plan, she immediately found a target she needed.

This is a team consisting of four female students and one male student. At this moment, the four girls, after one day and one night of travel, are naked under the hot spring bubbles in the Dark Forest. The only guy, whose whole face is blus.h.i.+ng holding the four fragrant badges, is squatting down behind a tree.

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