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Chapter 146th Warlock (2)

Suddenly, an ominous premonition appeared in the heart of Na Ken. He, in that instant, walked in front of Lin Ke. He stretched out his own hand to hold Lin Ke’s chin, and lifted up his head. He then stared intently at his eyes.

In addition to panic, there’s only nervousness in those eyes. Na Ken immediately infused his magic inside the body of Lin Ke.

A surge of magic quickly spread throughout the entirety of Lin Ke’s body. The magic rushed into his nerves, however, it was apparently impacted by another kind of magic.

That magic is very weak, just like the remnants of some fragments. But these fragments of magic are scattered all over the nerves inside Lin Ke’s body.

“Na Ken mentor?” Lin Ke is nervously standing motionless, his whole body displaying stiffness. He clearly see the expression on Na Ken’s face becomes more and more dignified.

“You go and give the three vials to the rest of the team, and immediately leave the Dark Forest with me!” Na Ken exclaimed resolutely. The remnants of magic that inside Lin Ke’s body is not the same as that of a magician. They have a very strong corrosive property, this is clearly the magic of a Warlock’s curse!

The Warlock profession has been in a great decline in the Radiance Continent, and the entire Long Xuan Empire has long been unable to find a few warlocks. However, it is clear that someone had casted a curse on Lin Ke!

The unusual behavior of Lin Ke may have been caused by the curse.

Doesn’t that mean that there are warlocks in the Dark Forest!

Because of the powerful repression of the various forces of the mainland, the warlocks almost died, and the remnants of those warlocks mostly became the organizations that fought against the forces of the Radiance Continent. If there really are warlocks hiding in the Dark Forest, then it would be very dangerous for those students to stay in the Dark Forest and continue taking their exam!

The warlocks are likely to retaliate against the Long Xuan Empire and hurt this group of students!

Lin Ke could not understand the situation at all. He can only figure out that according to Na Ken’s instructions, he is to send three vials of potions in the edge of the hot spring together with the four girls’ clothing.


A group of students were still scratching their heads when they were taken out of the Dark Forest by Na Ken.

Having just left the Dark Forest, Na Ken took Lin Ke right away into the Holy Roland School’s encampment outside of the Dark Forest.

At the encampment, some of the defeated students have been brought back by their mentors. They sat dejectedly outside the tent.

Na Ken brought Lin Ke at the largest tent on the encampment, it is where the mentors of the Holy Roland School converge.

As soon as Na Ken entered the tent, he noticed that there were several mentors inside, and they were sitting around the long table, as if something had happened.

“Na Ken, you’re back.” One of the old mentors, upon seeing Na Ken gave his greetings. Then his eyes fell on the figure of Lin Ke, “This student is injured? Then you should take him to the infirmary.”

Na Ken exclaim: “No! I’m not trying to get him injured, but I found something strange in his body, so I brought him here.”

“What strange thing?” Na Ken’s words drew the attention of all the present mentors in the tent.

“When I went to pick them up, I found that the student was a little bit unusual. When I infused some of my magic in his body, I felt that there were some corrosive magical fragments in his nerves.”

“What!?” Kang Si, who had already returned, stood up in astonishment from the chair.

“Na Ken, are you certain you’re not feeling wrong?” The elder mentor asked again cautiously.

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