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"Elf King..."

The five animals silently s.h.i.+fted their sight to the outstanding elf with graceful bearing on the side.

"No problem." The Elf King smiled and nodded.

"..." The five animals were silent.

Didn’t they say that the elves were indifferent and did not like humans?

Why was this Elf King so good to speak with? Shen Yanxiao told him to prepare a meal, and he would really prepare a meal?

The five animals’ impression of the elves was shattered in half.

"Little Xiao, won't you introduce me to these five people?" Wen Ya, who had been standing on the side without speaking, walked over to Shen Yanxiao.

"Mother, these five guys are my companions." Shen Yanxiao smilingly said.


The five animals once again suffered a strong blow.

"Wait until after dinner before we talk about things again. Vermillion Bird, Taotie, you two also go eat together with us."

"Ao! Ao! Ao! Ao!" As soon as Taotie heard he would be eating again, he immediately turned into a human form cheerfully, and with jolting b.u.t.tocks, followed by Shen Yanxiao’s side, wagging his non-existent tail.


This time, the five animals had been completely petrified. They were very curious, just what happened to Shen Yanxiao in these past few months?

She hooked up with the War G.o.d.

Enslaved the Elf King.

Found her mother.

Abducted the vicious beast Taotie?!

What the h.e.l.l did she do in the end!!!

During the meal, under the interrogation of Qi Xia and the others, Shen Yanxiao obediently grunted out all her experiences in the Moon G.o.d Continent, including the use of food to capture Taotie, and the resurrection of the Devil G.o.d.

"The Devil G.o.d will really come back?" After listening to the magical journey of Shen Yanxiao, the five animals could only be greatly surprised, but in the end, after learning that the Devil G.o.d was resurrected, all of their enthusiasm was extinguished.

When their conversation reached the matter of Satan, the whole atmosphere had become solemn.

"Yes, but the time is still uncertain."

"Without the G.o.d Race, can we still defeat the Devil Race?" The Elf King showed a hint of worry.

At that time, the G.o.d Race tried their best to force the Devil Race back into the devil realm. For this reason, the G.o.d Race also paid a great price. The fall of their whole race was the result. Now that the G.o.d Race was nowhere, and the resurgence of the Devil Race was about to come, the situation was awfully bad.

"The G.o.d Race did not perish." Xiu faintly said.

"But now, there’s only you alone... How can you resist the army of the Devil Race?" The Elf King knew that Xiu was strong, but he was the only one who had such strength now!

Xiu lifted his eyes and met everyone’s gazes. He then slowly said, "The G.o.ds will die, but the divine power of the G.o.d Race will not disappear. When the superior G.o.ds die, their power will return to the last temple of the G.o.d Race. As long as there are individuals to acquire those powers, a new superior G.o.d will appear."

“G.o.ds can be created?” All the people were stunned by Xiu’s words.

"You can say it like that." Xiu nodded and said, "In fact, the original G.o.d Race was the founder of each race. One of them was Taotie’s father, the Dragon G.o.d. He is the ancestor of the Dragon Race and possessed the purest power of the dragons. The Life G.o.ddess of the elves, the Wisdom G.o.d of the dwarves, the Sea G.o.d of the merfolk, the Dragon G.o.d of the dragons. Apart from the G.o.d Race which originally didn’t have a G.o.d, even the devils have their Devil G.o.d, and the superior G.o.d of the undead is the G.o.d of Death. Once the superior G.o.ds fall, the Lord G.o.d will choose the right successor from all races."

"So what about the human race? Is there no G.o.d in the human race?" Shen Yanxiao noticed that Xiu’s narrative only lacked human beings. Did it mean that human beings had no original G.o.d like the G.o.d Race?

Looking at Shen Yanxiao, Xiu slowly said, "The G.o.d of the Human Race is the Lord G.o.d."

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