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The sage sneered loudly and said, "Why won’t they be willing? Perhaps you still don't know, but the reason why Shen Yanxiao was successful in her every endeavor in the Barren Land is because she has united with the demons!"

"Demons?" The emperor was secretly astonished. He had heard the rumor about humans and demons coexisting peacefully in the Barren Land. But he had always treated it as a joke.

It was actually true!

What means did Shen Yanxiao have in the end, that she could actually coexist with the demons?

"The demons are a great scourge of the Radiance Continent. Shen Yanxiao is a human being, but she colluded with the demons and used the power of the demons to encroach on the territory of mankind. She certainly must be put to death! Fighting against the demons is the responsibility of everyone on the Radiance Continent. I believe that the rulers of the other three countries will understand that. Moreover, if you can eradicate Shen Yanxiao, then the land that she had reclaimed in the Barren Land before will naturally fall to your countries." Threats and temptations, the Sage played his cards marvelously.

The emotion within the emperor’s eyes turned greedy accordingly!

Among the cities in the Barren Land that Shen Yanxiao had reclaimed, more than half were in the area belonging to Long Xuan Empire!

If they were successful in killing Shen Yanxiao, would not all of them belong to him?

Without spending too much time, he could get an already cultivated region, which was definitely a fatal temptation!

"This is natural! A person who is in collusion with the demons must be killed without pardon. My Long Xuan Empire will surely send troops to help!" The emperor quickly showed his att.i.tude. He believed that under this premise, the other three countries would make the same choice as him.

If they could take the foundation laid by Shen Yanxiao, why not go ahead with it?

"Then, after half a month, I hope to see the army of the Long Xuan Empire appearing on the border of the Barren Land." Hearing a satisfactory answer, the Sage finally showed a smile.

"That is for sure!"

The Broken Star Palace people completed their mission and left the palace without a little pause.

Seeing these Sages leave, the emperor heaved a sigh of relief. He immediately said to the Imperial bodyguard, "Go and invite the State Preceptor."

A few moments later, Pei Yuan arrived at the main hall, and the emperor immediately had other people retreat. Within the huge palace hall, there were only two people left, which were the emperor and Pei Yuan.

"The Broken Star Palace intends to let us send troops to eradicate the forces of Shen Yanxiao in the Barren Land, and promised to hand over all the cities in the eastern region to our control. State Preceptor, do you think this transaction is worthwhile?" The emperor squinted his eyes, greed and prudence flowing through them.

Pei Yuan slightly knitted his brows. After he returned from The Rising Sun City, he never stepped into the Barren Land again. Even though he was detained by Shen Yanxiao in The Rising Sun City at the beginning, Shen Yanxiao was also polite to them. Furthermore, within the period of time he had interacted with Shen Yanxiao, Pei Yuan deeply felt that she was a very capable person with great ambitions.

“Does the emperor intend to agree to the request of the Broken Star Palace?” Pei Yuan did not approve this, but he could see that the Barren Land cities were too great of a temptation to the emperor.

"Why wouldn't I agree? It will not be just my Long Xuan Empire. Since the other three countries will accept the invitation, then why don't we take a share? State Preceptor, do you have a suitable candidate who can take charge of this task? I don't want to lose face in front of the Broken Star Palace." The emperor stroked his chin. When he thought of the cities that were about to fall into his hands, the smile on his face became more and more proud.

Shen Yanxiao, Shen Yanxiao.

Of all those who were no good to offend, must you offend the Broken Star Palace?

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