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Chapter 148th Warlock (4)

Cao Xu is not lying, as can be seen from his agitated reaction and grumpy look.

“I had inadvertently asked Meng Yijun and the others how they lost their badge. Except from Cao Xu, the other four said the same thing, that Cao Xu in the middle of the night had called them up and let them put their badge in his custody.  In the end, in addition to Cao Xu’s, all their badge has been lost in the morning. Cao Xu, however, said that he had never taken any of their badge, and he has been sleeping all night except for one time.”

“You mean someone had once taken control of Cao Xu and used him to cheat on their team badge?” Na Ken asked and suddenly he remembered something.

"That’s right. When I took Lin Ke and the rest out of the Dark of Forest, the team didn’t know that their badge has been lost. They only realized that their badge has gone when I told them. And before that, all their badge was also in the custody of one person.”

The team Kang Si was in charge of and the team he was responsible for, there were striking similarities in their situations – their badges were left in the custody of a single person and even worse, the two students who were in charge of keeping the badges of the whole team were left with corrosive magical fragments!

“It’s clear that this was done by the same person.” The elder mentor worriedly remarked. All of them are sure, with the corrosive magic, it can only be a person from the warlock profession!

“Shall we report this matter to the dean? Or are we going to stop the test first?” The other mentors can’t help but worry. Most of their team is still in the Dark Forest. Now that there are two teams who have been patronized by the mysterious warlock, they don’t want their team to continue taking the test and put them at risk.

The warlock is such a devious and cunning profession, no one can guarantee that the person will not harm their students.

The elder mentor thought deeply for a moment and then said: “This thing must be reported to the dean, but the test will not stop for the time being.”


“That warlock has attacked two teams, in case…”

The group of mentors is agitated. Although both professions are based on the practice of magic, compared with the magicians, warlocks will always belong to the dark.

“Let’s not panic. Although the warlock has already casted a curse to two of our students, it is clear that these students have no fatal injuries. This shows that they didn’t suffer any physical attack from the curse of the warlock. Whoever casted a curse on them, he simply want to control their thoughts, not hurt them. Otherwise, I’m afraid that the two teams would not be able to walk out of the Dark Forest.” The elder mentor has experienced many things after all. He was not as fearful as the others towards the warlock.

“Then what does he want to do? I asked Cao Xu, and he didn’t lose anything except the badge.” Kang Si could not understand.

“The warlock did not hurt the students, nor robbed their things, but took all the badges used in the test, could it be…” Kang Si seems to have thought of something dreadful, he stared nervously at the elder mentor.

"I know what you want to say.” The elder mentor said. He frowned and hesitated before he continued to speak: “The warlock is likely to be among the students of our Holy Roland School and he should be taking the test now.”

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