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Chapter 149th Warlock (5)

“How can this be!? It’s too dangerous!” The other mentors simply could not think that there was such a dangerous warlock hidden among the students, which was terrible.

“Mentor Ling Yue, can you see the strength of this warlock?” Na Ken frowned, he had the same fear in his heart.

The elder mentor was in fact one of the main heads of the test. Faced with today’s situation, all of them must obey Ling Yue’s instructions.

Ling Yue knitted his brows and pondered for a moment, he said after hesitating: “According to the circ.u.mstances of Lin Ke and Cao Xu, they should be under a curse technique that can control people’s minds, and the lowest level of this curse technique is a combination of four single-based curses.”

“Four single-based curses!”

The whole tent is in an uproar. Although the warlocks have been declining, rumors about them have never disappeared. The simplest of the Warlock’s skills is the single-based curse techniques; even warlock apprentices can learn it. But the combination curse techniques can only be learned by a real warlock, and the more the number of single-based curse needed for the combination curse technique, the greater the difficulty.

The primary warlock can only use a two-level combination curse technique consisting of two single-based curses, while the three-level combination curse and the four-level combination curse are used by the intermediate warlock. Then there are the five-and six-level combination curse, only the senior warlock can use it.

So, the warlock in the Dark Forest has the ability of the intermediate warlock? And to be able to use the four-level combination curse technique, they’re afraid that he has reached the 4-star intermediate warlock’s strength, and is likely to break through to the senior warlock level.

All the present mentors are in the level of advanced magician. The intermediate warlock, though as not as powerful as them in terms of level, the warlock is a profession that never encounters head-on with the enemy.  Although their level is above the warlock’s level, there is no certainty that they can deal with the intermediate warlock hidden in the dark.

And warlock’s curse techniques are difficult to prevent. No one knows which corner he would hide and cast a curse.

“The other side is likely to be a 4-star intermediate warlock, and is more likely to break through to senior warlock. After all, he is now using a four-level combination curse technique which only a warlock in the peak of intermediate-level can use.” Ling Yue is not feeling good. Warlocks can be said to be the nightmare of all people in the mainland. An intermediate-level warlock is enough to give them a headache. If the other side has reached the level of the senior warlock, or advanced warlock, Ling Yue is afraid that even if he reach the peak of the advanced magician now, he is still not the warlock’s opponent.

”In the present situation, we cannot act rashly. That person didn’t really attack the students, and it‘s possible that he didn’t want to be exposed. If we were to take the students back, it would be possible to alarm him. In case the warlock is cornered and we make a move against him, the consequences will be unimaginable. There are some vicious curse techniques among the combination curses. We cannot do anything right now but to hold back and wait until we return to Holy Roland School and hand this matter to the Dean to be dealt with.” Ling Yue is also having a hard time but he can’t do anything right now. What he only knows is that the warlock must be hidden among the students who are taking the test.

But who is it?

Why he is hiding among the students?

What exactly is his purpose?

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