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If they had chosen another path, they had to go through more cities.

"But, why do I feel that it is difficult to rely on these siege weapons alone? Shen Yanxiao seems to have many Mythological Beasts under her hands. The Broken Star Palace does not intend to personally take action this time. We simply have no good way to deal with those Mythological Beasts." s.h.i.+ Heng felt a headache.

Jiang Wan responded, "Don't worry about those Mythological Beasts. The number of Mythological Beasts brought by the four countries is as many as twenty-four. Even if there are so many Mythological Beasts under Shen Yanxiao, we can also resist them. What I am afraid of is Shen Yanxiao herself."

"Her?" s.h.i.+ Heng looked at Jiang Wan.

Jiang Wan explained, "You are not a person of the Long Xuan Empire, so you don't know about Shen Yanxiao. She is one extremely dreadful girl. You can't imagine that she was still the shame of the Vermillion Bird Clan two or three years ago. She was just a mere waste that couldn't cultivate magic and dou qi at that time, but after two or three years, she has become an existence strong enough to alarm the four countries. Including me, no one knows how many tricks she has up her sleeves."

The horror of Shen Yanxiao was that she never let anyone guess how much strength she secretly hid.

"I also don't think at all that we can take her down with only our siege weapons. A girl who has the courage to destroy several cities is definitely not an easy character to deal with. She is decisive and ruthless. I'm afraid there are not many among us who can be compared with her in this regard.” Jiang Wan’s tone was not too good. The victory this time not only did not make him feel any joy, but left him increasingly worried about the final battle instead.

s.h.i.+ Heng narrowed his eyes and said nothing.

"Head, I have an idea, I wonder if you are willing to cooperate."

"Please speak."

"I would like to ask you to seek the Brotherhood Alliance of the Divine Wind Alliance to transport new batch of siege weapons to us." Jiang Wan said.


"If we continue this way, we will obviously not have enough siege weapons the day we attack The Rising Sun City, but if we can mobilize more siege weapons, I believe we cannot fail under any circ.u.mstances. I will go to Elder Wen and Marquis Qu Xun later to talk about this. If we can’t completely eliminate Shen Yanxiao from this big move, then her survival will become a nightmare for our four countries. We have ruined so many cities of hers, if she continues breathing, she will definitely start a crazy counterattack against our four countries. So this time, we must completely eliminate her." In the depths of Jiang Wan's heart, there was an inexplicable fear of Shen Yanxiao.

After having struggled in the battlefield for dozens of years, he was very clear that opponents like Shen Yanxiao must be put to an end once and for all.

Otherwise, her revenge in the future was definitely not something they could afford to receive.

Jiang Wan’s words made s.h.i.+ Heng fall into deep thought.

"All right, I accept. I'll send them a letter and give it a try." s.h.i.+ Heng took a deep breath and agreed to Jiang Wan's request.

Others might not understand, but s.h.i.+ Heng was very clear; they were now standing on the opposite side of Shen Yanxiao, and whether they were to win or lose, the hatred between them and Shen Yanxiao had already been forged.

It was either they sent Shen Yanxiao completely to h.e.l.l, or it would be their disaster.

Jiang Wan smiled after receiving the response from s.h.i.+ Heng. He did not notice that Long Yue, who was a few steps outside the tent, had been staring at him with a taut face, and the dialogue between him and s.h.i.+ Heng had fallen into Long Yue's ears word for word.

Long Yue narrowed his eyes and looked at the gray sky above.

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