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Aeternatrix: Hey guys, sorry for the no chap releases the last 2 days, sol's power was cut the first day, no idea what happened the second day; so today, you get 6 chapters! woo! (This is the 6th chapter)

"So many..." Tang Nazhi was speechless. And here he had thought that he was so awesome for becoming a powerful Second Stage Professional, but... there were actually so many Second Stage Professionals in the G.o.d’s Domain. He immediately felt that he was just one type of dish in a plate!

Qi Xia looked at Shen Siyu and slowly said, "Then, does Elder Brother Siyu know how many Second Stage Professionals there are in the Broken Star Palace?"

Shen Siyu answered, "The Broken Star Palace is very secretive. I can’t confirm any news regarding them either. However, the way they train the strong is not desirable, so according to my guess, their Second Stage Professionals should not exceed those of the G.o.d’s Domain."

The Broken Star Palace used a dou qi and magic transplant to cultivate the strong. They were destined to sacrifice a large number of potential people to create a Second Stage Professional. The G.o.d’s Domain, on the other hand, spread divine power to every member, and under the nourishment of the divine power, the lives of the people in the G.o.d’s Domain had been greatly extended, which led to the fact that the strength of the G.o.d’s Domain was generally above the Broken Star Palace.

"Tsk tsk. I heard from that kid Long Yue that the reason why the four countries set about fighting us this time was that the Broken Star Palace was causing mischief. After the beast tide, I have to let them see some color[1]." Tang Nazhi snorted coldly. He felt a great enmity against the Broken Star Palace.

If the Second Stage Professionals of the Broken Star Palace were not more than those of the G.o.d’s Domain, then there was nothing to be afraid of.

Their higher demons could compete with the Second Stage Professionals of the Broken Star Palace. In addition, there were also Taotie and Yazi, these two Holy Beasts. They would surely make the Broken Star Palace look good in the future!

Shen Yanxiao said calmly, "I will definitely settle this account with the Broken Star Palace later on, but right now, it is more important to deal with the beast tide."

The Broken Star Palace and the four countries, she would not let it go so easily. Today's alliance with them was only the result of having no other choice. In the future, she would take these debts back with interest.

Outside The Rising Sun City, waves of demon beasts’ roars were gradually approaching.

Qu Xun stood alone at the gate of The Rising Sun City, and his back that was soaked with sweat was firmly sticking to the closed city gate.

He was now able to see the figures of the demon beasts, and under their deafening roars, his brain was about to explode. He beat the city gate hard, and pleaded again and again, but did not receive any response.

Unwaveringly clinging to the gate of The Rising Sun City, Qu Xun widened his eyes and looked at the demon beasts that were approaching quickly.

Those sinister appearances were nothing short of a nightmare.

Although the demon beasts and magical beasts were both from the beast race, the demon beasts were ugly in appearance. Each and every one of them had dark bodies, and sharp fangs were exposed from their huge mouths, with saliva flowing down.

They had a pair of purple eyes like the demons, but the whites of their eyes weren’t white, but a b.l.o.o.d.y red that looked particularly frightening.

Qu Xun saw the appearance of those demon beasts clearly, and his legs turned soft in fright; he sat on the ground and shook incessantly from head to foot.

He now regretted his refusal of Shen Yanxiao's conditions. If he had accepted her terms, he might still have a chance to live, but now his little chance of survival was completely gone!

"Help me… help me..." Qu Xun used all his strength to plead, but still did not get any answer.

The demon beasts rushed to The Rising Sun City, and a flying demon beast directly picked up Qu Xun who was at the gate of the city. In a flash, dozens of flying demon beasts tore the once-invisible marquis into pieces of meat.

Large pieces of blood fell on the ground, indicating that the battle between the demon beasts and The Rising Sun City would soon begin.

[1] means teach somebody a lesson.

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