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Aeternatrix: Sol dieded (had to go to sleep or sumthin') and only gave me two chapters

Not to mention demon beasts, even devils would also have no way to survive once their brain was shot by Shen Yanxiao’s arrows.

However, all this was not known to others. People only saw that Shen Yanxiao’s arrows, which appeared to be light as feathers, could actually kill these huge demon beasts and thought what an amazing power it had!

At this moment, the soldiers who were fighting at the front began to secretly rejoice, that fortunately, their commander at the back had stopped the demon beasts’ attack. Otherwise, if these evildoers really closed in on them, they would definitely die without an intact corpse!

Shen Yanxiao calmly observed the situation. Now it seemed that they and the demon beasts should be evenly matched. However, the demon beasts had a lot of backup behind them, while they only had these forces on their side.

The Rising Sun City and the four-nation alliance had just gone through a war, and everyone hadn’t had a break yet. The previous consumption had brought their physical strength to the limit. If this battle turned into a war of attrition, it would definitely bring nothing but harm to them.

However, it was almost impossible to destroy so many demon beasts in a short time.

What seemed to be a close match was just a good start to the game.

As the battle went on, the side of The Rising Sun City was obviously falling into a disadvantageous position.

Although their attack method had been changed, for the average soldiers to kill a demon beast, it would take dozens of people attacking together. On the other hand, an impact from one demon beast could drop more than a dozen people on the ground in seconds.

This astonis.h.i.+ng gap in consumption put on a great amount of pressure to the soldiers of The Rising Sun City little by little. 

If not for the addition of the G.o.d’s Domain in this battle, it was feared that they would have already been pushed into the city by now.

In the midst of the demons, the most dazzling was not Shen Yanxiao, but Shen Siyu.

This fallen G.o.d still possessed the power of the G.o.d Race, and his attacks were fatal to the demon beasts.

Over ten demon beasts surrounded Shen Siyu, but there weren’t any waves on Shen Siyu’s handsome face. It was still the same gentle face with a spring breeze-like smile. He was holding a delicate staff in his hand, and unlike the staff that Magicians such as Qi Xia was using, his staff was pure white. The top of the staff was like two crescent moons filled with golden gems, and a dazzling golden light shrouded the entire staff. All the demon beasts appeared to be full of fear for this staff.

The most favorable weapon for fighting evil creatures was the artifact of the G.o.d Race.

Shen Siyu stood quietly in the middle of the demon beasts, and all the demon beasts were being forced to take a step back by the divine aura that he exuded. Suddenly, he thrust the staff in his hand into the cracked ground, and put his hands together in front of his chest, then the corner of his clothes fluttered even in the absence of wind.

In an instant, a powerful divine force sprang up around him, after which a whirlwind emerged from under his feet, which then wrapped him and his staff tightly. In that gust of wind, one could see a glimmer of golden light s.h.i.+ning.

Shen Siyu slowly closed his eyes and recited an incomprehensible incantation in his mouth.

The moment the last note of the incantation fell to the ground, he silently opened his pair of eyes, and the previous brown pupils were replaced with golden color. He then suddenly made a low shout, "Destroy!"

Along with this clear word, the golden windstorm swept through the surroundings in an instant. The ten or so beasts surrounding Shen Siyu were caught up in the golden windstorm in the blink of an eye and their huge bodies were torn to pieces by the violent wind!

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