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"You're really as vicious as ever, so pa.s.sionate in disrespecting the G.o.ds." The black-clothed man smiled and looked at Ouyang Huanyu. Who could imagine that a human being would try every possible means to plot against the G.o.ds?

Ouyang Huanyu raised his eyebrows and said, "As someone who can stand to contribute your only disciple you, Jun Mo, don't seem to be in a position to call me vicious."

This other villain in collusion with Ouyang Huanyu was the number one Pharmacist of the Lan Yue Dynasty, Jun Mo.

"Disciple? If not for Luo Fan’s family that has some use to me, how could I have accepted such an idiot as a disciple? But he is still not entirely useless; at least he now has some use." Regarding his act of offering his own disciple, Jun Mo did not feel a little bit guilty nor remorseful.

"But there’s something I have always been very curious of. How did you get in touch with the Broken Star Palace? You can actually get them to come forward and persuade the four countries to form an alliance to attack The Rising Sun City?" Although Jun Mo and Ouyang Huanyu had known each other for a hundred years, he still could not guess Ouyang Huanyu’s thoughts.

The defensive force of The Rising Sun City was extremely high. Shen Yanxiao also had a lot of troops in various cities in the Barren Land. If in fact the beast tide had immediately attacked, it would have been difficult to determine the outcome. But after going through a war against the four-nation alliance, the forces of Shen Yanxiao had been greatly weakened; letting the beast tide appear at this time could bring a fatal blow to Shen Yanxiao!

All of this was a step by step arrangement of Ouyang Huanyu. Even Jun Mo had to sigh at this man’s ability.

To think that he could even move the Broken Star Palace, Ouyang Huanyu... Who was he, really?

Ouyang Huanyu took a look at Jun Mo and said faintly, "People who know too much will always not live long."

Jun Mo’s heart was shocked.

"You don't need to know too much. Just remember that I’m on your side. Now we just have to wait for the battle to come to an end and bring back our experimental body. That’s all." Ouyang Huanyu was not willing to say anything else. He was waiting, waiting for the end of the final battle. He would personally bring his perfect experimental body back into the cage.

Shen Yanxiao, I will not let you escape again!


Shen Siyu’s Solar Windstorm swept a large number of demon beasts and bought the front ranks some s.p.a.ce to breathe.

Suddenly, a loud horn echoed from the back of the demon beasts army. Hearing this horn sound, all the demon beasts burst into madness all of a sudden and issued deafening roars. They began to recklessly attack all the human beings and demons in front of them, and their eyes had been covered with blood!

The out-of-the-blue rampaging of the demon beasts stunned the soldiers of The Rising Sun City. Before they could cope with the devastating attacks, the demon beasts had already charged toward them. The beasts didn’t care how many serious injuries they had suffered. Roaring, they collided with each other in every direction. The Knights were no longer able to resist the charge of these demon beasts and were sent flying away!

"What’s going on?" The sudden rampaging of the demon beasts made Shen Yanxiao slightly shocked.

It was as if these demon beasts had been shot with stimulants; they no longer had fear, were no longer in a panic; there were only madness and murderous intentions in them!

Yao Ji was not far from Shen Yanxiao. When the demon beasts started to rampage, she rushed to the side of Shen Yanxiao. Her expression looked unsightly as she said, "It’s the devil’s horn. This is one type of devil instruments that the devil commanders possess. The sound of this horn can stir the violent temper in the soul of the demon beasts, and turn them into a group of killing machines. Not only will they no longer fear pain, but their strength will double!"

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