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The berserk state of the demon beasts made the battle even more intense. Yan Yu was constantly waving his staff, adding blessings and light s.h.i.+elds to the soldiers around. The sharp reduction of the demons and the death of the soldiers allowed the demon beast's footsteps to advance to Yan Yu's position.

White Tiger fought desperately to protect Yan Yu on his back. With his claws and fangs, he tore the demon beasts that tried to hurt his master into pieces one after another.

The sinister and cunning small demon beasts lurked in the chaos. They stared at the thin human being on the back of White Tiger with their bodies lying prostrate on the ground. Suddenly, they opened their b.l.o.o.d.y mouths and pounced toward the neck of Yan Yu. 

"Roar!" White Tiger quickly stood up with his hind legs, and his two front paws smashed the stomachs of the small demon beasts that had pounced over.

However, there were still demon beasts in the rear trying to kill Yan Yu.

Yan Yu decisively added a three-layer light s.h.i.+eld to himself, blocking all the demon beasts, then performed several blessings on the several nearby soldiers.

The arrival of the blessings instantly restored the strength of the exhausted soldiers. They gratefully looked at the powerful Priest on their side and then rushed into the enemies once again.

A huge demon beast dashed toward White Tiger. White Tiger stabilized his figure, after which he opened his mouth and burst out a dazzling flare at the demon beast, which blurred the sight of the demon beast.

The demon beasts seemed to have figured out the role of Yan Yu as a Priest, and began to attack Yan Yu and White Tiger over and over again. White Tiger was already covered with bruises, and his white fur was now stained with bright red blood.

Several giant demon beasts constantly charged against White Tiger, and the successive impact made it very difficult for White Tiger to even stand. The light s.h.i.+eld on Yan Yu had been broken into light fragments. A small demon beast took the opportunity to pounce onto Yan Yu when the light s.h.i.+eld shattered. Yan Yu brandished the staff in his hand and sent the demon beast flying away.

He wanted to apply a light s.h.i.+eld on himself again, but small demon beasts were pouncing onto him without pause, not giving him any chance to do so.

Yan Yu gritted his teeth as he fended off all the small demon beasts. Taking advantage of a lull, he immediately dropped his staff and summoned out hundreds of explosive totems with his hands clasped together.

"Go!" Yan Yu shouted, then the explosive totems circled him and White Tiger, bringing a series of explosions that blew all the demon beasts around him into pieces!

Hundred Destruction. The greatest offensive skill of the Second Stage Profession Archpriest, it also required a heavy toll. Almost at the moment when this skill was used, Yan Yu’s face became as white as paper, and the sharp pain in his heart spread to his whole body. He trembled and reached for the medicinal pouch at his waist, only to find that in the attack of the waves of small demon beasts just now, his medicinal pouch had been bitten and all the pills had been lost.

"My luck is really bad..." Yan Yu smiled bitterly. Without the suppression of the medicine pills, the sharp pain in his whole body almost made him faint.

Yan Yu’s entire body was twitching and finally collapsed on the back of White Tiger. White Tiger immediately noticed that there was something wrong with his master and quickly ran in the direction of Yang Xi.

Yan Yu had completely fainted. Without the treatment of White Tiger Clan’s medicine pills, even if there were no attack by demon beasts, he would die because his heart was unable to bear the burden.

Countless demon beasts were in White Tiger’s way. White Tiger simply disregarded his own injuries and stormed all the way with Yan Yu.

He could not let Yan Yu die!

Absolutely not!

White Tiger roared out a light bomb and forcibly created a path with its blast. Its tail continually smashed the small demon beasts, sending them flying, as it ran all the way.

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