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After Shen Siyu conveyed his plan to Shen Yanxiao, he immediately mobilized all the divine power in his body.

The sudden outburst of strength made Satan feel a little surprised.

A half-G.o.d could actually release such a mighty divine power?

"Light G.o.d, why should you sacrifice yourself so much for the sake of humanity? How much damage will you inflict on yourself by forcibly enhancing your divine power? Human beings are no longer devout believers, they simply have not recorded the sacrifice of the G.o.d Race in their hearts. The G.o.ds perished defending this land, but thousands of years have pa.s.sed; how many humans still remember your name?” Satan looked at Shen Siyu with a sneer. Intensifying his divine power had strengthened his resistance against him.

Black flames and golden light twined together.

Satan frowned. A human body really couldn't carry his power. Against Shen Siyu alone, his body already had an unbearable wound.

Just as Satan concentrated all his attention on Shen Siyu, Shen Yanxiao took a deep breath and calmed her heart, and then put an arrow on her bowstring.

There was only one chance. If she couldn’t grasp it, then the effort of her Big Brother Siyu would be wasted!

Shen Yanxiao poured all her power into the arrow. She seized the moment when Satan suddenly removed the power on his body and violently released the arrow!

A clattering sound echoed. The arrow imbued with the combined three forces was accurate, and it was impossible for it to miss the target. In an instant, the dark purple horn was directly penetrated by the arrow and was destroyed!

"Stupid human!" Satan never dreamed that a sneak attack from a puny mixed-race would succeed!

He immediately raised his hand and released a huge dark vortex toward Shen Yanxiao and Vermillion Bird.

"Little Xiao! Be careful!" Shen Siyu let out a horrified roar, and this one moment of faltering caused his erupting divine power to directly recoil. A great deal of divine power slammed into his body and a mouthful of blood sprayed out from his mouth.

The dark vortex brewing a great power rushed toward Vermillion Bird and Shen Yanxiao in the air, and its speed did not give them a chance to react at all.

But at this critical moment, Vermillion Bird instinctively threw Shen Yanxiao and Little Phoenix off of his body. In the next second, the dark vortex directly hit Vermillion Bird, and the dark mist swallowed his flames at once. Corrosive black toxins started to melt Vermillion Bird’s body little by little.

"Vermillion Bird!!" Shen Yanxiao turned pale with fright at the sight of this bird that had fallen from the sky. Vermillion Bird’s wings had been completely eroded by the power of darkness, leaving only a strip of white bone.

"Chirp!!" A fiery little figure suddenly rushed to the fallen Vermillion Bird’s side.

In the next moment, the dark elements on the body of Vermillion Bird ignited with a dark purple flame, and in a flash, burned Vermillion Bird and Little Phoenix into ashes!

"...Vermillion Bird..." Shen Yanxiao stared foolishly at the dirt on the ground, and her empty pair of eyes could not accept all this.

Vermillion Bird was dead...

Little Phoenix was dead...

"Ah!!!" Shen Yanxiao fell to her knees, her hands clutching her hair, her eyes bloodshot as they stared at the pile of ashes.



Vermillion Bird would not die!

He wouldn’t die!

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