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Long Fei didn't give Mu Changsheng any face.

Why would he give face to someone who didn't want to give him face?

Mu Changsheng was very angry.

Being humiliated by the disciple of his sworn enemy, Mu Xingyun, how could he bear with such resentment? He turned around, stared at Long Fei and coldly snorted, and said: "Humiliating an elder, is a crime worthy of death."

He had just finished.

A disciple beside him immediately rushed out, the Spirit Qi around his body surging, he directly pounced towards Long Fei.

The pressure was like a mountain as it attacked heavily.

Long Fei's gaze tensed up, and there was no fear in it.

Because …

The giant golden-furred ape was not far away. It was looking at them now, and the moment Long Fei gave the idea's command, it would immediately rush out.

It was more than enough to protect himself.

It was just that …

Without waiting for Long Fei to summon the giant golden furred ape, Mu Yueting took a step forward. With a move of his aura, he immediately suppressed the aura of that disciple, and said with a faint smile: "Elder Changsheng, why are you so angry?"

He had easily blocked all of the disciple's pressure.

The disciple's face sunk as he looked at Mu Changsheng.

Mu Changsheng's eyes turned cold, and said: "What? You, Mu Yueting, also want to oppose me? "

Mu Yueting hugged both of his hands, and said: "I don't dare."

Mu Changsheng shot a cold glance at him, and said: "If you don't dare, then stand to the side. A mere service disciple would p.i.s.s on my head;

He was very unhappy.

Long Fei was not afraid in the slightest as he said: "Elder, you have to admit that you lost, was what you said just now dog farts?"

"What Mu Clan's number one healer?"

"The strongest Alchemy Master?"

"I think these are all bulls.h.i.+t." Long Fei really did not give him any face, he was going to say the things he was unhappy about.

It doesn't matter who you are.

If it wasn't for the fact that Mu Changsheng's surname was Mu and was a member of his maternal grandfather's family, humiliating him with a few words was still considered light. If it was anyone else, they would have already summoned the Giant Golden Fur Ape and beat his sh * t out of him.

Why would you talk to him?

Mu Changsheng was so angry that his teeth were itching, his eyes stared straight at Long Fei as though he was eating a person, and said solemnly: "Brat, you …."

"I what?"

"I'm asking you, who saved him?"

"Is that you?"

"I'm asking you, who said that he is dead and can no longer be saved?"

"Who is it?"

"Who do you think I am? Who do you think you are?" Long Fei vented. This kind of arrogant and proud elder should let him face reality.

Mu Changsheng clenched his fists tightly, he was unable to refute what Long Fei had said.


He had just determined that Mu Changfeng did not have a way to save her.

However... How could he have known that a person whose soul and Qi Sea had been shattered would be alive?

Did Mu Xingyun have this ability?

He absolutely did not believe it.

However, the truth was right in front of him. There was no way he could not believe it.

Mu Changsheng's sleeves swept across the place fiercely, his eyes stared straight at Long Fei, and laughed coldly: "Mu Xingyun really did take in a good disciple."

"Very good!"

"Brat, remember today, we will meet in Mu Clan!"

"Let's go!"

Mu Changsheng was fl.u.s.tered and exasperated, a hundred thousand flames of anger burning in his heart, but he had nowhere to vent it on.

Mu Yueting obviously knew how to protect Long Fei, his Alchemy was powerful and his cultivation was not low, but what he researched was the Pill Dao, if it was a compet.i.tion of force, he was not Mu Yueting's opponent.

Killing Long Fei was naturally impossible.

Staying behind would only allow Long Fei to humiliate him.

He might as well leave.

He had remembered this grudge, and when he returned, he was going to suppress Mu Xingyun.

The two disciples anxiously followed behind Mu Changsheng.

Long Fei shouted, "Clan Elder, are you not going to kneel down and kowtow anymore?"

"You're not going back on your words. Elder, you are truly shameless."

"Elder, don't go."

"Let's see how the others are doing."


Mu Changsheng did not stay, when Long Fei wanted to say something, the anger in his heart grew, and he truly wanted to tear Long Fei's mouth apart, and cried out blood in his heart: "Brat, just you wait."

"Go back and investigate everything about this brat."

"Mu Xingyun's disciple?"

"He is my, Mu Changsheng's, enemy!"

… ….

Long Fei kept shouting and venting.

Mu Yueting said lightly: "Stop shouting, he has already walked far away."

At this moment.

Mu Changfeng, who had been wearing a stupefied expression the entire time, finally reacted. Looking at Long Fei, he said, "Elder Yue, was he the one who saved me?"

"Isn't that Elder Changsheng?

Mu Yueting said: "He saved you, you should thank him properly."

Mu Changfeng stood up and looked at Long Fei seriously. In the next second … He suddenly knelt on the ground and said, "Thank you!"

The two words were very heavy.

However …

Compared to his life, these two words were too light.

Suddenly kneeling down, Long Fei was stunned.

Mu Yueting, who was at the side, was even more dumbfounded. He hurriedly stepped forward to help Mu Changfeng up, and said: "Chang Feng, this is …."

Mu Changfeng did not get up, and said: "I know how heavy my injuries are, my life is yours. If you need it, I can give it to you anytime."

"But …"

Mu Changfeng looked at the six junior brother Junior Sister s beside him, and said. "Please save them, I beg of you!"

While they were talking …

Mu Changfeng kowtowed heavily.

Mu Yueting trembled inwardly. He was very clear about Mu Changfeng's ident.i.ty, but it could be said that the seven of them had extremely special status within the Mu Clan.

According to the old Patriarch Mu Tianhe, the seven of them were Mu Tianhe's successors.

The seven of them did not need to greet any clan elders in Mu Clan.

But to kneel in front of Long Fei, how could this not shock him?

Long Fei also hurriedly stepped forward, and said: "Senior Brother, you do not need to be so courteous. If I can save you, I will definitely save them as well."

"What's more …"

Mu Changfeng said: "What else?"

Long Fei wanted to say that his war pet was the one to injure him, but he held back the words that were on the tip of his tongue.

He couldn't expose the giant golden ape.

At least for now.

After all, she was a fairy beast!

Long Fei laughed dryly and said: "Nothing much, don't worry, I will definitely think of a way to save them … No, it's my master who will think of a way. I am just a service disciple. "

He didn't want to be in the doctor's presence.

He had no interest in developing that either.

Saving Mu Changfeng was entirely because of his grandfather.

Mu Changfeng said: "Thank you, thank you."

"Besides Master, as long as you say it, the seven of us will not hesitate to go through fire and water."

Mu Changfeng said resolutely.

Mu Yun said: "Senior Brother, since my lord has saved all of you, is the mission that you issued okay? This mission is very important to boss, we need this [A] cla.s.s mission to gain the qualification to partic.i.p.ate in the South Area's Selection. "


"It's effective, of course it's effective."

"South Area selection?"

"Are you disciples of the Eastern District?" Mu Changfeng was slightly taken aback.

Mu Yueting was also secretly astonished in his heart. He thought that they were the service disciples from the western region.

Recalling that Long Fei is Mu Xingyun's disciple and his extraordinary medical skills, Mu Yueting said: "I think you two should just directly enter the northern region and become its official disciples, right?"

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