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Chapter 166th Close the door to beat the dogs (3)

Qi Xia who was standing at a high place had long finished the magic chant. At this time, he’s lazily lying on the side of the huge rock, smiling at the many students who have already been scared to the point of peeing their pants.


What is this supposed to mean? What kind of high-level magic did this aberrant genius chanted?

The group of people stared nervously at Qi Xia who was lying on the huge rock. They did not find any meaning to the situation, but they instead saw Qi Xia took up a wild fruit to gnaw on.

“Everybody come here, obediently line up, don’t crowd!” A matchless voice finally sounded from the crowd. They saw Tang Nazhi holding a sack pocket, standing inside the two combined light s.h.i.+elds with a grin on his face. The two light s.h.i.+elds opened up a gap on his side which is enough for one person to pa.s.s through.

“……” The people were thoroughly speechless. They were finally able to come to their senses. Qi Xia, this animal, did not really put any high-level magic; he was just bluffing in the end!!

Wuwu, does he really need to play them like this? They were entirely frightened they almost peed their pants… …

The swordsman who was nearest to Tang Nazhi timidly walked towards the exit. He glanced at the incomparable, devious smile of Tang Nazhi. He lowered his head just like a quail, and went out of the exit.

But he didn’t have to wait for his whole person to go out before his head got hit by something hard.

The man clutched his own head and then looked up. He found that Tang Nazhi was holding a ‘brick’ on the other hand!!

“Heavens.. your badge.” Tang Nazhi lifted the hand holding the sack pocket and shook it in front of the swordsman.

The swordsman was dumbfounded.

“What now?” Tang Nazhi shook the brick on his other hand.

“…..” The swordsman wanted to cry but have no tears. He plucked off the badge from his chest and put it inside Tang Nazhi’s sack pocket, then rushed out with his tears hidden.

With the first person to do the demonstration, the remaining students, as long as they are not stupid, all know what they should do next.

One after another, the students went out of the exit, and one after another, the badge fell into Tang Nazhi’s sack pocket.

It’s not that they don’t want to resist, but their resistance will be futile. They cannot beat Qi Xia, cannot run past Yang Xi, try to flee together and they will be hit back by the light s.h.i.+eld of Yan Yu.

Don’t be such a bully!

They’re not going to play anymore!!

Powerless to resist, this bunch of people was like a group of beautiful woman forced into prost.i.tution, obediently surrendering their most valuable ‘moral’ in the sack pocket of Tang Nazhi, this animal.

Shen Yanxiao watched the group of dejected youths as they left the bleak figure. She looked at the full of laughter and joy, Tang Nazhi, holding the sack pocket full of badges, then looked at a certain shameless swindler, she silently thought:

She is still very virtuous. Compared to this group of brutal animals whose moral integrity is shattered on the ground, her stealing is simply too n.o.ble!

These young masters from the five great clans, how did they even manage to make a robbery all so professional?

Don’t tell her they were actually from a family of genuine bandits!

Shen Yanxiao ridiculed the four unscrupulous animals in her mind while shoving the badges inside the sack pocket of Tang Nazhi into her own storage ring.

She suddenly thought of something and turned to ask Qi Xia who is gnawing on a wild fruit.

“What magic did you chant?” She clearly sensed the change in temperature, even when Qi Xia had used the ice and snow magic, she did not feel this way.

Qi Xia smiled slightly towards Shen Yanxiao, he said slowly:”Want to know?”

Nonsense! If she doesn’t want to know, why would she asked!

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