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Mournful screams echoed in Shen Yanxiao's ears; she summoned Vermillion Bird back to her body and looked at the members of the Broken Star Palace who were driven to their end by the blue flames with a grim smile on her face. 

"Little guy, still want to eliminate me? Look at how I, this small grandaunt, toy you guys to death." Shen Yanxiao sneered, then drank a bottle of master-level accelerator potion and ran out of the pa.s.sage like the wind. 

The moment she got out of the pa.s.sage, Shen Yanxiao turned to look at the wall that closed immediately. She raised her hand fiercely and smashed the switch that opened the wall with a fierce punch. 

The hard rubble left a bloodstain on Shen Yanxiao's fist, but she did not feel the least bit of pain. Her heart was only filled with the pleasure of revenge. 

To destroy the switch was to destroy the life of everyone in the laboratory. The grave Shen Yanxiao personally made for those people was the ground where they would be buried forever. 

Shen Yanxiao did not let the blue flames spread to the entire the Broken Star Palace, because once these flames were exposed to the air outside, they would spread infinitely. If the flames spread thoroughly in the Forgotten Traces, it would only cause great disaster, and who knew if these flames could burn all the way to the Barren Land. In the case that they could, it would not be worth it. 

The underground laboratory was a closed area, so until the air inside was completely burnt out, the blue flames would not be extinguished. 

The people of the Broken Star Palace would stay there forever, experiencing the pleasure of death. 

"Next, whose turn is it?" Shen Yanxiao turned around, and the disguise on her face had already been removed. She pulled up the hood of the black cloak that covered her delicate body, hiding herself in it. Her eyes, however, were s.h.i.+ning with absolute coldness and killing intent. 

this was just an appetizer. The big meal was still for later. Broken Star Palace, properly enjoy the music of destruction I have brought to you. 

Shen Yanxiao continued to take action,and no one in the Broken Star Palace could stop her footsteps. She had brought her stealth and hiding skills as a G.o.dly Thief into full play. 

No matter how many more powerful people were there in the Broken Star Palace, with the moonlight necklace hiding her aura, Shen Yanxiao executed the most exquisite skills of a G.o.dly Thief, playing the infernal music in the laboratories under the seven palaces of the Broken Star Palace one after another. 

Setting it on fire, destroying and burying everything, Shen Yanxiao’s innate advantage was a great help in wrecking the laboratories which only a few people visited. 

The closed laboratory, the destroyed switch, were not discovered until half an hour later by the people who went to the laboratory to collect medicine pills. 

However, it was all too late. 

In fear of someone intruding the labs, the Broken Star Palace specifically used a diamond door weighing up to ten tons to seal the entrance. And right now, there was no more switch to open it. Even if it were bombarded with magic, it would take at least an hour to destroy the diamond. 

And that more time was enough for the blue flames to swallow up everything! 

Seven laboratories were attacked one after another, causing a great disturbance in the Broken Star Palace. Countless sages were invited out to destroy the diamond that blocked the entrances. 

While the Broken Star Palace from top to bottom was in chaos, a tiny figure leisurely left in the midst of the panic. The black cloak was torn away after she stepped a hundred meters away from the Broken Star Palace. 

Shen Yanxiao, with her back facing the Broken Star Palace, walked towards the demon army gathered not far away amid the endless roars. 

"We pay respects to the Lord!" Tens of thousands of demons, kneeling on one knee, greeted their commander with the most pious eyes!

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