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Seeing Shen Yanxiao not opening her mouth to speak, Sage Feng could only summon up courage and say:
“Lord, may this subordinate ask why this subordinate has been summoned?”
Shen Yanxiao, propping her chin up, looked at the tense and covered-with-cold-sweat Sage Feng and said, “There's
something I want you to do.”
“Asking the Lord to give orders.” Sage Feng answered carefully.
“You will go to the four countries again and in the name of Broken Star Palace, invite them to visit the Broken Star
Palace as guests.” Shen Yanxiao's lips evoked a nasty smile.
Sage Feng was a little stunned.
Shen Yanxiao wanted the rulers of the four countries to visit the “Broken Star Palace”?
But the Broken Star Palace had already been moved to Dim City W , right?

Full of doubts, Sage Feng dared not say more and could only nod his head.
“You may leave now.” Shen Yanxiao said.
Sage Feng hurriedly left.
Leng Ye, who was standing at the side, was surprised to see the disgraced figure of Sage Feng.
In the former Broken Star Palace, the power of Sage Feng was not the greatest, but the late palace master had placed
him in quite an important position . Almost every time the Broken Star Palace had any major task, it would be
handled by Sage Feng.
But now, in front of Shen Yanxiao, Sage Feng was so timid that he appeared like a totally different person from the
“Leng Ye.” Shen Yanxiao suddenly opened her mouth.
Leng Ye took a step forward.
“Lord, what is your instruction?”
“When you were in the Broken Star Palace, I heard you looked after the dragons, is that true?” Shen Yanxiao looked
at Leng Ye and asked.

“Qian Yuan and others are still recuperating. You're in charge of their treatment during this time.” The four dragons
had been subjected to appalling treatment in the darkroom of the Broken Star Palace. Their claws and wings were
more or less damaged. It was almost impossible for them to fly back to the dragon's territory immediately.
Shen Yanxiao invited them to stay in The Rising Sun City for a while and then go back to their home after the
After Shen Yanxiao returned, she had also asked Shen Siyu about herself.
Every race in her body was being suppressed by seven-layered seal. When her elf blood was awakened, one of the
reasons for her transformation was that the blood of the elves she had was innate and not acquired from integration.
With the elf seal gone, she could arbitrarily switch between the appearance of humans and elves, just like Wen Ya at
that time.
But the dragon blood was different. Shen Yanxiao's dragon blood was forcibly fused into her body by the Warlocks
using the forbidden techniques. Although it had now integrated with her body, it was not inborn after all.
Therefore, the seal that Shen Siyu left in Shen Yanxiao's body had a great suppressive effect on the blood of the

Unless the seven layers of the seal were unlocked one by one, it was almost impossible for Shen Yanxiao to become
a real dragon.
Shen Yanxiao subconsciously touched the dragon scales on her neck. Rumors had it that under each dragon's neck,
there was a palm-sized scale in crescent shape, which was the dragon's reverse scale. Once the reverse scale of the
dragons was touched, no matter how good-tempered the dragon was, the dragon would immediately release infinite
dragon might like a volcanic eruption.

The ones on her neck were just like that reverse scale.
To unlock the dragon seal on her body, Shen Yanxiao had to go to the Dragon Continent, but even Shen Siyu did not
know where this continent was. Shen Yanxiao's only hope now was Qian Yuan's group of four dragons.
Shen Yanxiao must establish a good relations.h.i.+p with them first while they were resting at The Rising Sun City,
otherwise they would never take her to the mainland of the Dragon Race.

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