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They were all pretty sure that Shen Yanxiao was telling the truth.
Sage Feng, who had incited them to attack the Barren Land in the beginning, was no doubt a member of the Broken
Star Palace. Also, from the moment they had entered the hall, everyone they saw had the strength of second stage
professionals and above; even the people that gave them chairs were second stage professionals, too.
Looking again at the whole Radiance Continent, apart from the Broken Star Palace, which other forces could gather
so many second stage professionals?
The facts were already in front of them, how could they still not believe!
“I wonder… for what reason did the Lord ask us to come? As long as it is within my capabilities, I will do my best to
do it.” None of the people sitting in the hall was a fool and quickly recognized the reality. At this time, if they didn't
bow their heads, they would only lose their lives.
It was Lord, not palace master.
Shen Yanxiao's ident.i.ty was the Lord of the Barren Land, in rank, it surpa.s.sed the palace master.

“You should all know about the Devil Race invasion many years ago.” Shen Yanxiao faintly spoke.
Everyone gave a start. It was a tragic history. The great races of the world paid the price of blood in that battle and
made the strong people of the Radiance Continent extremely scarce. If it hadn't been for that war, the forces of
mankind would not have been as withered as they were now.
“Today, the Devil Race has threatened to come back to the surface; three years hence, the devil army will return to
the world.” Shen Yanxiao stated this with a serious tone.
The hall was thrown into an uproar; this news was just too shocking for them.
Devil Race, the nightmare of the six major races of the world. The whole G.o.d Race had perished just to push the
devils back to the underworld.
But now, the devils were actually coming back?
“Lord, are you telling the truth?” The king of the Lan Yue Dynasty turned pale in fright.
Shen Yanxiao replied, “If not, why should I trouble myself to look for you all. I'm indeed telling you the truth, in
three years the Devil Race will return to the world. The Holy Sage of the G.o.d's Domain can testify about this
information. In fact, the reason why the beast tide attacked The Rising Sun City in full force was because the Devil
G.o.d had commanded them.”

“But, the Devil G.o.d, hasn't he been killed by the War G.o.d already?” The emperor of the Long Xuan Empire
expressed some doubts. The death of the Devil G.o.d was recorded in history books.
Shen Yanxiao said, “It's true that the War G.o.d had devoured the Devil G.o.d, but devouring does not mean
extermination. Now, the soul of the Devil G.o.d is recovering; I do not know when he will be reborn, but three years
from now, the return of the Devil Race will be a huge challenge for all of us. If we can get past it, we will still have
a place to live; if we're defeated, mankind will perish.”

In the face of the survival of their race, Shen Yanxiao chose to a.s.semble all the forces of mankind. For now, she
would disregard the previous resentment, as their first priority was to fight off the Devil Race.
Shen Yanxiao's statement left all the people immersed in contemplation, this news was too startling.
It could be said that the heart of every person sitting in the hall was full of despair.
The Devil Race, one of the two most powerful races in the world.
The only ones that could contend against the devils were the G.o.ds, but they had already perished as early as
thousands of years ago.
Without the leaders.h.i.+p of the G.o.d Race, how were they supposed to fight the devils?
In the past, the six major races were able to form an alliance entirely because of the appeal of the G.o.d Race. The
G.o.ds had an absolutely aloof status among the six races. Once the G.o.ds came out, whether they were dragons,
dwarves, elves, humans or merpeople, they would gather as fast as possible!

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