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Chapter 180th Return (2)

Qi Xia and Shen Yanxiao, the two of them called on Yang Xi and Yan Yu, then they search for a lot of delicious food in the encampment. As for someone who’s still asleep, he was completely tossed into the back of the four people’s minds. Until midnight, Tang Nazhi who had been sleeping finally woke up. He thought of going to Qi Xia and the others to grab something to eat, only to find that the four b.a.s.t.a.r.ds had already eaten and drunk their fills.

And, very shamelessly, these four b.a.s.t.a.r.ds didn’t even leave him a portion of food to bite. Tang Nazhi can only chew on a steam bun, depressed.

The seven-day test ended. All the students packed their things and fixed themselves for a day. The next morning, they boarded the carriage and returned to the Holy Roland School.

The students who had stayed in the wild for a long time, after returning to the Holy Roland School, immediately plunged into their long-lost dormitory.

The results of the test will be release after three days, prior to that, the students are allowed to take their vacation.

Shen Yanxiao also took advantage of this period, squatting in the dormitory and holding the sheepskin book, she’s dead-set on learning more. The two combination curse techniques she had learned before have such a great effect, she wanted to know how powerful she would become once she learned a few more of the combination curses.

Meanwhile, the empty warlock tower ushered in a distinguished visitor.

The old man who’d been guarding the warlock tower frowned upon seeing the uninvited Ouyang Huanyu. These days are very odd, the busy dean who should be taking care of so many affairs incredibly visited twice in one month. This is really strange.

“What are you doing here?” The old man asked in an impolite tone.

Ouyang Huanyu has been accustomed to the old man’s tone and didn’t care about the impoliteness in his voice at all. He looked at the well-preserved books which are in a completely good condition, he laughed: “This year’s test just ended.”

“What does that have to do with me?” The old man humphed unhappily. How many years does the warlock branch have been without students? What about the test? It has nothing to do with him.

“I received some interesting message two days ago, so I wanted to talk to you.” Ouyang Huanyu said as he remained unmoved.

“I’m not interested in hearing about it.”

“Don’t be too quick to refuse. I believe you will be interested in this news.” Ouyang Huanyu walked over to the side and sat down on a small stool, his hands clasped in front of his chest, looking at the old man.

“Speak quickly, I don’t have time to talk to the Dean.” If not because of his present situation, he would not bother to see the face of Ouyang Huanyu.

“During the test, the mentors from the magician branch found some strange things. There were two students with corrosive magical fragments inside their bodies.” Ouyang Huanyu stated.

The impatient expression on the face of the old man slightly changed, but very quickly he suppressed the sudden surge of emotions in his heart.

“So what?”

“What do you think?” Ouyang Huanyu raised an eyebrow and continued: ”Only the curse of the warlocks will leave corrosive magical fragments in the human body. It is very much clear that in this test, there’s a warlock who had lurked around.  That person is hiding among the other students and attacked some of them. You say, how should I deal with this? You must know, the mentors of the magician branch are all fearful of this matter, and with all their strength trying to find the warlock. You should understand very well what the present image of the warlocks in the hearts of the people is. It should also be understood what the consequences were if the student was found out.”

Warlocks’ reputation on the Radiance Continent can be described as poor to the extreme, so much so that even the slightest sign of trouble from the warlock will immediately draw fear out of the people of the mainland.

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