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Chapter 183rd Hiding shortcomings (2)

Almost everyone believed, just like the rumors said, the kid had only climbed up to the position by b.u.t.tering up Tang Nazhi and the others.

Subconsciously, all the freshmen stepped back, feeling disgusted.

They boast of being so lofty that they disdain to be someone else’s lapdog.

What kind of meticulous mind does Shen Yanxiao has? As soon as Tang Nazhi opened his mouth, she knew at once that she’s going to get derided once again. But seeing the scornful eyes around her, her own eyes can’t help but flashed with coldness.

How familiar she was with this kind of gazes. When she was young and wandering on the streets, the pa.s.sers-by were all looking at her with such disdain, as if her very presence stained the air. However, when she became the world’s number one G.o.dly thief, she was very happy to see those aloof idiots exposed panic-stricken eyes and begged for mercy.

One day, she’ll paint the world to be just like that, and then they will not dare to look at her again with such eyes.

Shen Yanxiao’s silence let the freshmen become more unbridled. They began to whisper about the behavior of Shen Yanxiao. From the small, ugly face to the thin, weak body. Even the ornaments on her body had been despised by them.

Those whispers gradually magnified and finally reached the ears of Tang Nazhi.

Tang Nazhi’s eyebrows furrowed. He stepped in front of Shen Yanxiao and blocked her tiny figure with his own body. With a sharp, penetrating glare, he looked at the group of freshmen, and said with displeasure:”If any of you speak ill of little Jue again, believe me, I’m going to pull out your tongues!”

The group of freshmen never expected that the young master of the Black Tortoise Clan would stand up for a n.o.body. They had always thought Shen Yanxiao to be a servant of the five great clans’ young masters.

Don’t look at how Tang Nazhi is usually all smiles and not serious. When he made that angry look, an invisible oppressive aura enveloped all the new students. They closed their mouths tightly, not daring to utter another word. Tang Nazhi’s eyes were as sharp as an eagle, as if they would tear them in the next second.

No one dares to provoke the prestige of the five great clans at this moment. Each and every one of them was like * a bird startled by the mere tw.a.n.g of a bow and quickly dispersed from the front of the bulletin board.

[*very frightened]

“There is no need to bother with this group of people.” Shen Yanxiao didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, looking at the unrestrained side profile of Tang Nazhi. Although this goods usually looks dumb, but he unexpectedly possesses such an oppressive aura when he’s mad.

After the crowd left, Tang Nazhi immediately regained his usual all-smiles, fooling-around appearance. He humphed as he looked at the back of those freshman students, he said: ”You really have such a good temperament to let them slander you.”

In Tang Nazhi’s impression, Shen Yanxiao has always had a good temperament, and is easy to get close to. He has also never seen her displeased or annoyed.

In general, that kind of spineless personality of constantly fawning to others, even if put in another’s body, will always acquire the disdain of others. But this is Shen Jue they’re talking about, how can he let them bully him!

“Then what? Can I jump and fight with them?” Shen Yanxiao said smilingly.

Tang Nazhi snorted. Then he looked at Shen Yanxiao with complicated eyes, he said with some hesitations: “This is my entire fault for stealing your credit. The antidotes are clearly your configuration but I ended up taking all the credit. If you haven’t had the understanding of the antidote, how can we get such a good result in the test? Maybe, we would have been forced out of the test that very night.”

With regards to the matter about the antidotes, Tang Nazhi’s heart has been holding some guilt. Qi Xia’s thought process, he naturally understands, that’s why he had perfectly followed up Qi Xia’s words right away that time.

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