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Chapter 184th Hiding shortcomings (3)

They do not have to discuss beforehand to be able to improvise, the tacit understanding between them several people has always been like that. But they actually have neglected an issue, and this matter was related to Shen Yanxiao. Unlike them, this little guy doesn’t have a strong background and can’t be as free as they are. The other students are even less talkative to him.

Their group’s arbitrary decision that time has let Shen Yanxiao be accused of the ‘thigh-hugging’ behavior. Who would want that to happen? If not because of Shen Yanxiao‘s timely delivery of the antidotes, they are afraid that after the test, the four young masters of the five great clans will be collectively rolled to the red

Hearing how those people talk about Shen Yanxiao, Tang Nazhi’s heart was like being pierced with needles. Even though he’s somewhat dissolute, he doesn’t want to implicate his valued partner.

“What if I talk with the other three and discuss about explaining the matter to the mentor, so they wouldn’t dare underestimate you?” Tang Nazhi more and more feels that they should not have taken Shen Yanxiao’s credit. The guy is obviously a genius in pharmaceutics, only those without eyes will treat her as a waste.

As soon as Shen Yanxiao heard Tang Nazhi will going to explain the thing about the antidotes, she panicked inwardly. She immediately shook her head and said: “No, this is good. I don’t like trouble, and besides, why should I care with how other people think of me?”

Don’t make a joke. She had previously thought that the mentor Ling Yue was harboring suspicions towards her, and with great difficulty was finally deceived by Qi Xia and Tang Nazhi.  If Tang Nazhi ran to explain and spill the beans, she’s afraid she’s going to be treated and get caught as a thief.

Moreover, she really doesn’t have any idea how she would explain where she obtained the antidotes.

“Do you really think so?” Tang Nazhi asked, unsure.

“En.” Shen Yanxiao nodded firmly.

Tang Nazhi sighed, rubbing Shen Yanxiao’s head roughly, he smiled and said: ”You, this kid really has a good temper, actually being accustomed in hiding his talent, and incredibly willing to be misunderstood than to tell others that he is actually a genius in pharmaceutics.” How precious is the absence of desire? Perhaps it is precisely because Shen Jue is wholly-absorbed in pharmaceutics, and does not seek fame and fortune, that he will achieve such success. Tang Nazhi can’t help but secretly admire Shen Yanxiao in his heart.

However, Shen Yanxiao was actually distressed. She can’t figure out why Tang Nazhi views her as a person of n.o.ble character and unquestionable integrity. And how can he see that she has a great talent in pharmaceutics? She can’t even configure the simplest potion right now.

The misunderstanding is really outrageous.

The two people were having their own thoughts when they heard the sound to a.s.semble. All the students gathered at the square before the high platform.

Tang Nazhi dragged Shen Yanxiao over the crowd to find Qi Xia, Yang Xi and Yan Yu who are already together.

“How is it?” Tang Nazhi smiled at Qi Xia and the others.

“Still the same old, purple cla.s.s.” Qi Xia shrugged. The results of the three people had long been spread to their ears, they do not have to personally see it.

“Hey, I and little Jue will also be in the purple cla.s.s.” Tang Nazhi said smilingly.

“It should be.” Qi Xia looked at Shen Yanxiao whose shoulder was being leaned on by Tang Nazhi, his mouth with a smile.

“I heard some bad rumors, are you all right?” He asked.

Shen Yanxiao naturally knew what he had heard, she nodded her head.

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