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“Your Highness, Long Yan will not dare…” Sal patiently a.n.a.lyzed the current situation for “Mingye”, and even talked about Long Yan's dragon troops and the size of the undead army.

Shen Yanxiao, easy as pie, became very clear about the military strength of the two sides.

“Oh, so that's the case. It seems that I misunderstood Long Yan.” Shen Yanxiao expressed a sudden realization.

Sal finally breathed a sigh of relief.

“In that case, I will apologize by having a banquet tonight and inviting Long Yan to attend.” Shen Yanxiao smiled slightly. Sal was very rational and smart. If she wanted to make contradictions between Sal and Long Yan, it seemed that she could only start from Long Yan's side.

For His Highness to suddenly be so sensible, there was something off!

Sal looked at this prince in astonishment. This behavior of “knowing one's mistakes and correcting them” was really beyond his expectation.

However, finding a way to ease the relations.h.i.+p between them and Long Yan was most important.

After all, they hadn't been able to get the exact location of the Dragon Cemetery. Now they were in a standoff with Long Yan, and it was a huge loss for the undead.

“This subordinate is going to prepare everything!” Sal could hardly wait to leave.

After Sal left, Shen Yanxiao immediately called in Ye Dou.

The banquet, which was set up with the aim of easing relations, began as Sal's operation. The extravagant arrangement showed that Sal was keen to soften the relations.h.i.+p between Shen Yanxiao and Long Yan.

Mingye, dressed in splendid clothes, arrived at the banquet surrounded by the group of royal relatives.

Ye Dou, who was always around Mingye, had been squeezed to the edge of the crowd by the royal relatives and could only stand in the corner while watching this grand banquet.

Long Yan came late. Sal, as a peacemaker, began to work hard to resolve the contradiction between Mingye and Long Yan.

n.o.body noticed that Ye Dou, who had been squeezed into the corner, was staring at Long Yan with a pair of unusually sharp eyes.

Ye Dou's fingers moved slightly. Mingye, sitting directly in the main seat, suddenly opened his mouth and said, “This cooperation is good for the both of us. Long Yan, before, I misunderstood you.”

After Mingye spoke, he raised his gla.s.s to Long Yan who had a taut face.

Long Yan took a deep breath and held up his gla.s.s and said, “Don't mind it, Your Highness.”

Mingye smiled and said, “I didn't realize that Long Yan is so highly principled that you are willing to give us all the high-level dragons in the Hidden Dragon Continent. It's really a great thing for us undead to have such a huge army of bone dragons.”

Sal was very happy with this sensible Mingye, but the more he listened to him, the more he noticed that there was something amiss with his words.

Long Yan frowned slightly and seemed to notice something.

Mingye continued, “You can rest a.s.sured that even if the number of our bone dragons in the future exceeds the number of dragons in the Hidden Dragon Continent, we will not lay our hands on our allies.”

Mingye's words had a strong sense of righteousness, but it did not have the same meaning when it came into other people's ears.

Long Yan froze for a moment. He had never believed in the character of the undead. The promises that came from the mouths of the undead were the least valuable things in the world.

At this moment, an idea appeared in his mind. If he really handed over all the high-level dragons in the Hidden Dragon Continent to the undead as he promised before, then the high-level bone dragons controlled by the undead would be far greater than his own force.

Once the undead decided to attack him, he could only wait for his death.

To nurture a tiger was to invite calamity.

A seed of suspicion took root and sprouted in Long Yan's heart at this moment.

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