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Chapter 185th Finding the warlock (1)

Above the platform, Ouyang Huanyu walked slowly. The noisy square immediately turned silent. All eyes were focused on the most authoritative person in the whole school.

“Everyone has done well in the test and I hope you can all make more progress in all areas in the coming year.” Ouyang Huanyu looked at the students below, with a gentle and majestic smile on his face.

“However, an accident occurred during the test, and because of this unexpected accident, some students didn’t achieve the desired results.”

Ouyang Huanyu’s words threw the students into an uproar.

This test can be said to be the most unfair in the history. Because of the suppression of the strength, many students have not been able to play their real ability and were directly eliminated. Among these, Cao Xu’s team suffered from the most tragic defeat. And now, Ouyang Huanyu said that there was an accident in the test?

What accident?

Shen Yanxiao who’s standing at the side of Qi Xia and the others slightly frowned. She had a bad premonition.

“This year’s test is a collective one between the magicians, pharmacists, swordsmen, priests, archers and knights, these six branches. But during the exam, we stumbled upon someone who does not belong to any of the six branches.”

The smile on Ouyang Huanyu’s face faded. His eyes flashed with sharpness as he looked at the students. He said in a serious tone: “In the test, the mentors discovered some corrosive magical fragments in the body of two students, and it was well known that the corrosive magic only appears in warlock’s curse techniques. There is a warlock who pretended to be a student of another branch and used curse technique to attack others.”


“There is a warlock in our school!”

“Is it because Cao Xu’s team was attacked by the warlock that’s why they were eliminated?”

Ouyang Huanyu’s revelation immediately aroused panic among the students. They have been very resistant to warlocks, and now such a dangerous person was hiding among them and had attacked two students.

The Radiance Continent has long demonized the warlock, so the people held a terrible fear of the warlocks in their hearts.

Shen Yanxiao gritted her teeth. She finally understood why would Ling Yue ask them questions that day, it’s because they had discovered her existence. She had no idea that the curse would have left magical fragments in the human body. Her lack of understanding about the warlock profession let her eat such a great loss.

Shen Yanxiao’s ears were full of the students’ fear of warlocks. She narrowed her eyes. It’s very obvious how much this group of people fear the warlocks. Ouyang Huanyu had already put the matter forward, she’s afraid he’ll not give up until the warlock was exposed.

As Shen Yanxiao expected, Ouyang Huanyu said very soon: “This person’s approach threatens the safety of the students. In order to identify the ident.i.ty of this person, we will examine all the students at the Holy Roland School and I hope for the cooperation of everyone.”

The students were relieved to hear that the Dean was going to find the warlock. No one wanted for such a dangerous person to be around them.

They knew nothing about the warlocks. The only thing in their minds about them is that they used curse techniques to carry out a brutal research of forbidden surgery, which was often mentioned by their families.

“Making all this trouble just for a single warlock is really an exaggeration.”

Qi Xia looked at the agitated crowd, feeling quite bored.

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