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Chapter 192nd The Black City (2)

The walls of the shop were draped with dusty human skin masks.

“What does this guest needs?” The shop owner looked at Shen Yanxiao who stood at the front of his own shop, immediately greeting her.

“You sell face-changing masks here?” Shen Yanxiao raised an eyebrow. Face-changing mask was a good thing, it could be used for a long time unlike the face-changing medicine which could only be used once. This thing was quite useful to her. If she could pick a suitable one, it would save her a lot of money.

“That’s right! This is the best mask shop in the Black City. Not only can you find your favorite masks here, but we can also tailor a brand-new ‘face’ to your needs.” The owner smiled exceptionally brilliant, attentively introducing all sorts in his shop.

“I need an ordinary one, something that’s not easy to draw people’s attention.” Shen Yanxiao walked over inside the shop and looked at the masks hanging on the window. The texture of the masks was thin, yet the workmans.h.i.+p was excellent, and each mask was different.

“Alright, please wait for a moment, I’ll help you to take a few look.” The boss was all smiles. He went to the cupboard and rummaged through several boxes.

The good thing about buying things in the Black City was that no matter what you wanted to buy, you won’t be asked if you could afford it. All shops in the Black City would open the door for you.

Face-changing masks were also a popular thing in Black City, whether it be thieves, robbers or killers. Mercenaries also frequented face-changing masks shops often. This thing can hide their true appearance, for them, this was an extremely important item.

“Guest, please have a look at these three.” The owner smiled and opened three wooden boxes, took out three face-changing masks.

As Shen Yanxiao asked, these three masks looked very ordinary, fully in line with her requirements.

Shen Yanxiao picked one, choosing a freckled juvenile mask.

“How much does it costs?” Shen Yanxiao asked.

“This is not expensive, only 3,500 gold coins.” The owner replied smilingly.

3,500 gold coins… How was it not expensive!!

Shen Yanxiao thought that the face-changing medicine was already a leecher of money, she didn’t expect for the price of this face-changing mask to be so astonis.h.i.+ng.

3, 500 gold coins, it was enough for people to eat and drink for three years!

Black City is really dark, not letting people to keep looking straight ahead.

Luckily, Shen Yanxiao’s coffers h.o.a.rded a lot of gold coins. Although this made her flesh ache with pain, she still reluctantly bought it.

With the help of the shop owner, Shen Yanxiao quickly took the mask. The originally very ordinary face appeared to be more dull-looking after wearing it. The sallow skin speckled with freckles everywhere, such people when lost in the crowd would not arouse anyone’s attention.

“Your mask is not being ma.s.s-produced, is it?” Shen Yanxiao skeptically asked, touching the skin of the face-changing mask.

Shen Yanxiao didn’t want to wear this mask to be a splitting image of someone else in the future.

The owner beckoned to her and said immediately:”Guest, it looks like this is the first time you bought something in Black City. You must know that every mask in every shop in Black City has only one copy. It’s even impossible to find exactly the same in the entire Radiance Continent. Please rest a.s.sured, we guarantee not to disclose anything about the mask. I will forget everything about this mask since you have already bought it.”

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