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Chapter 196th Expensive bows (3)

Shen Yanxiao didn’t understand, but she knew that the gilt wooden longbow before her could definitely be called a finest weapon, the best quality goods.

She looked at the price tag of the bow and her jaw nearly dropped on the floor.

1.3 million gold coins!!!

This price was enough to buy all the weapons on the first floor!

Sure enough, best quality goods were best quality goods, the price would left people spitting out blood.

Shen Yanxiao silently thought about the money inside her storage ring, her plundered treasury. She had at least 10 or 20 million gold coins in the ring, but… she still felt very distressed ah!

She never spent money for all the things she wanted, okay!

As a thief, having to take out money to buy things was such a loss of face!

Thinking briefly, Shen Yanxiao also knew that if she were to steal the bow, she would definitely get in trouble. After all, the features of the bow were so obvious that she couldn’t hide it all the time. In case it was discovered, how would she be able to mix in the Holy Roland School afterwards?!

“Would this be it?” Shen Yanxiao sighed. Although she didn’t have that sense of ‘excitement’ that Xiu was talking about when she saw the bow, there was still a trace of excitement.

Finally having skill books in hands, but there was no bow to start practicing, it was like dying while still alive.

Deal with this first, anyway, she had ‘borrowed’ a lot of gold coins from the state treasury.

‘Barely enough.’ No joy or anger could be heard in Xiu’s voice, but there was a faint trace of reluctance.

Shen Yanxiao simply wanted to cough up blood. The gilt wooden longbow that was inlaid with two rank 8 magic nucleus, in the eyes of Xiu could only be regarded as barely enough, furthermore saying it with that kind of tone!

This thing was worth a fortune!

Just as Shen Yanxiao was ready to take out money from her storage ring to pay, the second floor finally ushered in the next guests.

“Senior Meng, what a coincidence. I didn’t expect to actually meet you here.” The most flattering voice was heard.

Along with this voice, Meng Yijun who was dressed in casual attire came to the second floor of the gold-smelting weapon shop, surrounded by two juveniles.

The two juveniles beside Meng Yijun were the same youths who were mocking Shen Yanxiao before in downstairs.

There was no expression on Meng Yijun’s face, as if he was very accustomed to being fawned over. In fact, as the top student of the archer branch, Meng Yijun received much praise and was sought after by many that he had long been used to such situations.

“What kind of bow is Senior Meng going to choose this time?” The youth called Wan Li asked sheepishly. He was a new student from the archer branch. He had heard of Meng Yijun’s name before, and had long regarded him as an idol in his heart. He never thought that he would unexpectedly run into him today, and more than that, Meng Yijun was treating him politely. So, he’s been licking his face up.

“I’ll take a look first.” Meng Yijun’s face was not looking too good. The ruthlessness of the test allowed him to fall directly from the strongest purple cla.s.s to the red cla.s.s. He had never been in the red cla.s.s before and he couldn’t stand it. Fortunately, the Holy Roland School had rules that any students who felt that their strength was strong enough would be able to challenge a student from other on the last day of each week. As long as the challenger won, his or her cla.s.s would be changed directly to the cla.s.s of the one challenged.

Meng Yijun spent two weeks of time before he successfully transferred himself back from the red cla.s.s to the purple cla.s.s.

Meng Yijun circled around the second floor, his eyes immediately attracted by the gilt wooden longbow. As an archer, he is naturally aware of the rarity of the gilt wood. At once, he went over there without hesitation.

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