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Chapter 211 - Chapter 211: Archer Branch (3)

Wan Li suddenly thought of an idea to play a trick on this little guy. That day in the gold-smelting weapon shop, this kid was pretending to be a pig to eat the tiger and that made him truly ashamed. He should return that humiliation back to him.


"Hey, you stop!" Wan Li immediately walked over to Shen Yanxiao.


Shen Yanxiao looked at the eyes of this familiar juvenile, she could not remember where she had seen him.


"I never thought you’re a student of our school." Wan Li looked maliciously at Shen Yanxiao.


"Does it matter?" Shen Yanxiao still have no idea who the other person was and she calmly asked.


Wan Li smiled and said: "Say, didn’t you bought a good bow?”


Once the Purple Baron was mentioned, Shen Yanxiao immediately remembered the scene at the gold-smelting weapon shop. She also naturally recalled about some fool who had been chattering nonstop.


So what did this fool wanted for stopping her so suddenly?


"Why?" She had no time to listen to his nonsense right now. While the teaching of red cla.s.s was boring, there were still many basic knowledge for her to study. She was eager to go to the shooting field to practice.


"Oh, I say that since you spent 3 million to buy a good bow, you should also take it out and use it. Just putting it at home won’t do." Wan Li deliberately raised his voice.


And sure enough, because of the words, "spent 3 million to buy a good bow" this news about some local tyrant had put a halt to the footsteps of other students pa.s.sing by. Full of curiosity, they looked at the inconspicuous appearance of Shen Yanxiao.


Shen Yanxiao threw a tepid looked at Wan Li. She clearly sense that this fool had no good intentions in calling her out.


"Such a good bow is not suitable to stay in the red cla.s.s. How about this, since I kind of feel sorry for you I’ll give you a chance. This weekend, you can come and challenge me. If you win, you can jump directly from the red cla.s.s to purple cla.s.s, how’s that?" Wan Li said with some evil intentions.


The students at the sidelines were secretly speechless. Letting a red cla.s.s student directly challenged a purple cla.s.s student? Is this a joke?


Although every week there were many precedents of successful challenge, however, that’s only jumping to one higher level at most. It was too rare to directly jump from the lowest level to the most advanced level.


What’s even more rare was that such a challenge was actually made by a student of a purple cla.s.s. This one clearly wanted to humiliate that little guy!


Almost no one believed that Shen Yanxiao would really accept this crazy invitation.


Among the students watching this good show, many of them are from the red cla.s.s and they recognized Shen Yanxiao as their cla.s.smate who had just started to attend the cla.s.s. They had no idea how this kid provoked a purple cla.s.s student. One must know that whenever the students from red cla.s.s saw the purple cla.s.s students, they could only walk around and avoid them.


This guy’s luck was really bad to actually provoked that purple cla.s.s student and be aimed at.


Wan Li’s arms crossed on his chest as he looked at Shen Yanxiao. He was quite certain that Shen Yanxiao would not accept his invitation. He wanted to tell him that no matter how rich he was, he’s still nothing but a trash. And that he had no qualification to show off in front of him. Here in the Holy Roland School, where students were measured by strength, he didn’t even deserve to lift his shoes.


Shen Yanxiao had never thought that the day when she’s just planning to buy a bow would actually poked a pa.s.ser-by’s fragile heart. She didn’t understand why would this guy come to her and find trouble. But she was not someone who’ll always let herself be bullied.


Want to humiliate her? First weigh your own a.s.set before you speak.


While everyone was mourning for Shen Yanxiao, this seemingly thin little boy suddenly hooked up his lips and slightly raised his chin: "I accept your invitation.”

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