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Warlocks relied on their both hands to throw a skill. To simultaneously make judgments and perform hand seals in a short period of time, this was almost basically done subconsciously!

Tens of thousands of people asked themselves if they could achieve such a feat under such situation. Probably only less than one percent could do so.

Yang Xi did not finish his swift attack, but Shen Yanxiao did not intend to give up such a good opportunity. She immediately put a number of single curse techniques on her body to enhance her physical abilities. The shadow of her pet.i.te figure flickered in the ring. Before the crowd had the time to react, she was already close to Yang Xi's side.

Yang Xi responded calmly. He quickly pressed the spear against the ground and in the instant Shen Yanxiao neared him, he flew backward using the force of the spear.

Once again, he created a distance between them!

The Knight's spear had a very wide attack range. Yang Xi continued to attack Shen Yanxiao with the advantages of the long spear. His every attack was targeting the vital points.

Shen Yanxiao's reaction was very fast, her hands and fingers turning into afterimages. People simply could not tell how many curses had she cast out in the end. One after another, she managed to escape the attacks again and again, and promptly after defending, she would also counterattack.

The fight of the two people in the ring was in full swing. Those audiences who lack interest at first had long been attracted by the fierce fight of the two people.

They had no time to take into account the contempt they held for the Warlocks as their eyes had been completely locked in the fantastic battle before them.

"Is that how the Warlock casts curses? It's incredibly fast and astounding!"

"The reaction of that little la.s.s is terrible! She could actually dodge such intensive attacks?"

"The Warlock can actually increase their abilities using curse techniques? Aren't all their curses only capable of harming people?"

"Oh Oh! Yang Xi strike!"

Almost all people that came to the venue were combative men. Fierce fighting was their favorite. After seeing Shen Yanxiao's marvelous curse techniques, they had been thoroughly conquered by the sight of her hand seals!

Yang Xi adjusted his hold and thrust his spear forward once again, which Shen Yanxiao unexpectedly did not quickly evade or counter this time. She cast a floating curse technique on herself and her figure impressively floated about one meter high from the ground. She just managed to avoid being stabbed by the head of the spear. The next second, she stepped on the spear, firmly halting Yang Xi's movements. Then she leaned forward and swiftly marched on the long spear. Finally, the distance between the two was kept within the range of her curse techniques.

Yang Xi secretly shouted 'not good'. But it was already too late for him to drop the spear and withdraw.

He witnessed as Shen Yanxiao's exquisite face bloomed a harsh smile. The next second, his limbs became as a heavy as molten iron. His whole body was being pushed down by this kind of gravity.

Shen Yanxiao saw that the time was ripe. The movements of her hands sped up several times as she performed the hand seals. Seventeen or eighteen curse techniques almost at the same time shot toward Yang Xi and greeted him up.

Almost immediately, a strange scene appeared in front of the people. Yang Xi's body suddenly fell down, and then quickly flew towards the edge of the ring!

The next moment, Yang Xi dropped heavily below the ring, rendering the entire venue into utter silence.

But in the blink of an eye, the sound of cheers burst into the sky!!!

"Yang Xi is out of the game!" Everyone stared their eyes out incredulously. Before, the battle was in a stalemate, but in an instant, there was a sudden reversal. Shen Yanxiao's reactions were perfect, casting the perfect curse technique at the right time, directly blasting Yang Xi out of the ring!

Furthermore, throughout the whole match, she did not use any kind of curse technique that could brainwash her opponents. She won this match by using the Warlock's skills to confront the enemy in a positive way!

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