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If this time, Shen Yanxiao used even just one kind of sinister curse technique, it would drop indelible stains in the hearts of the people. But she did not perform even a little bit of trick, all were frontal attacks so that people could not find any traces of flaw!

Watching as Shen Yanxiao won the game fair and aboveboard, everyone's heart almost began to produce a subtle change.

Perhaps, Warlocks were not as sinister as they were rumored to be, and the curses they used were not all that despicable.

A seed was planted in the hearts of the people. One day, this seed would grow and sprout, growing into a towering tree in their hearts.

Yang Xi struggled to get up from the ground. Everything just now happened in less than 30 seconds. But he was able to feel the fierceness of the curse techniques that had been cast on him. His body flew out completely uncontrolled. This was how frightening Warlocks really were.

"Can you still stand?" Shen Yanxiao was squatting at the edge of the ring, her face carrying a warm smile.

According to the rules of the game, as long as one party automatically admitted defeat, or was unable to move to continue the fight, or was sent out of the ring, it was considered a loss.

Yang Xi smiled wryly at a certain little girl who changed her att.i.tude faster than flipping a page of a book. He laughed and said, "I'm not that fragile, but I'm not content with today's match. Next time we have a chance, we'll have two more strokes." He did not go easy a little bit on this match. He was very clear about the Warlock's status in the Radiance Continent. As long as he went easy on this match even in the slightest bit, no matter how powerful Shen Yanxiao was, she would still be misunderstood.

This was not something he was looking forward to. So only when he fought seriously and allowed Shen Yanxiao to win with her real strength, could they put an end to those idle mouths.

"Did you become addicted?" Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrow. She jumped off the ring, extended her hand to Yang Xi, and then pulled him up.

Yang Xi chuckled then looked toward the stunned referee and said, "Is it possible to announce the outcome of the match now?"

That referee who had gawked recovered his thoughts. She looked at Shen Yanxiao with a complicated expression and announced the results of the match.

"This match, Shen Yanxiao of Holy Roland School Warlock Branch wins!"

Shen Yanxiao's eyes twinkled with genuine delight.

In fact, with her ability, if she used the negative curse techniques on Yang Xi, he absolutely would be incapable of reacting. With her G.o.d-level stealing skills coupled with her negative curses, she could definitely end the battle in just less than ten minutes after the start of the match.

But she did not want to do that.

To make the people of Radiance Continent accept the Warlocks, she must let them know that not all Warlocks were just good at making a sneak attack. They should know that not only could Warlocks also stand under the sun and confront powerful enemies head-on, they could also beat their opponents fairly and honestly using combinations of their curse techniques!

From the very beginning, Shen Yanxiao was determined not to use any negative Warlock skills in this school tournament. And even her skills as a G.o.d Thief or her skills as an Archer, she promised not to use them!

She was going to completely win this tournament with her Warlock ident.i.ty!

She would make it so that the world could not utter a single word of complain!

The announcement of the referee made the hot-blooded people calm down again. The word Warlock was like a basin of cold water pouring into their hearts, making their heads tremble.

That's right, no matter how powerful that little girl was, she was still a Warlock in the end.

The shadow of the Warlocks that had been left behind on the Radiance Continent could not be reversed overnight.

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