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Shen Yanxiao was not oblivious to the reactions of the crowd. But she was not in a hurry. This match was just the beginning. She would be the victor of the other two battles as well, and with that two battles, she would slowly let all the people here know, Warlocks could also win with splendor, and most importantly, win with honesty and fairness!
Thinking of this, Shen Yanxiao could not help but glance at the other two rings.

The game there had just also ended.

Qi Xia won against Yan Yu, his face full of smiles.

The Magician against the Priest; although the two were an abnormal existence, the gap between their profession was reflected out. Yan Yu was strong without a doubt, but the Priest's aggressiveness had really no way of contending against the Magician.

So Shen Yanxiao was not surprised with this outcome.

What really surprised her was Tang Nazhi's side.
Tang Nazhi actually lost!

As a swordsman, he lost to the young Archer named Li Xiaowei.

Although the attack range of the Swordsmen was not as far as that of the Archers, the entire ring was not that wide. With Tang Nazhi's skills, closing their distance was not a problem.

But he had inexplicably lost the match.

Shen Yanxiao, Qi Xia, Yan Yu, and Yang Xi had been standing on the side of the ring. They watch as Tang Nazhi, who had completely been shot into a hedgehog, left the ring with the support of the medical team.

Li Xiaowei's attacks were not too critical. Although Tang Nazhi had been injured a bit, it did not affect the vital points. In a school tournament, injuries were inevitable.

Although the four people did not hold any resentment towards Li Xiaowei, everyone was still a bit surprised in their hearts.

Shen Yanxiao had been a spectator for seven days, and she had seen almost every match. That youth called Li Xiaowei looked very average, but in fact was a very talented Archer. The original full of confident Meng Yijun had been beaten by him to point that he had to look for his teeth all over the floor.

Shen Yanxiao admitted that Li Xiaowei's strength was out of the ordinary, but she had also fought with Tang Nazhi before. She could be sure that with Tang Nazhi's strength, he definitely would not end up in a one-sided situation where he was in the receiving end.

But such a bizarre situation had actually occurred!

Yan Yu walked to Tang Nazhi's side to help the medical team pull the arrows out of his body, then he cast a blessing to help him recover.

Tang Nazhi looked up at his four companions and moved his lips, saying nothing.

Standing in the ring was the winner Li Xiaowei. And he had a complicated look on his face as he stared at Tang Nazhi.

The first three matches of the finals had ended, the winners were Shen Yanxiao, Qi Xia, and Li Xiaowei. After the noon break, the venue would stage the final matches to finally know the champion.

Leaving the venue, it was rare for Shen Yanxiao not to slip away.

After her two months of disappearance, the Phantom was reunited together, everyone's face held a trace of joy.

Well, except for Tang Nazhi who looked a bit weird.

Five people booked a private room in a restaurant in Snow Blowing City, squatting together to enjoy their lunch.

"I say Nazhi, even if you don't want the champions.h.i.+p, did you really need to purposely lose the match? Making yourself looked like a hedgehog, was it actually fun?" Qi Xia mockingly said while grinning and staring at the gloomy and troubled Tang Nazhi.

"En. I think I know why. Nazhi would only lose on purpose if a beautiful woman is concerned. Is it actually the same as our Little Xiao, a woman disguised as a man?" Although Yang Xi was defeated, his mood was still quite good.

Tang Nazhi's face was filled with bitterness. Watching his laughing companions, he frustratingly leaned his head on the back of the chair.

"You lot may want to say lesser words, I am very annoyed right now.”

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