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Chapter 233 - The Warlock's Glory (1)

No one could understand the sorrow and grief in his heart, no one knew how helpless he was as he watched the Warlocks gradually withered away!


As he watched his disciples died in the armies of the Radiance Continent, as he watched every men with Warlock's veins fell, when he looked at how the old bustling Warlock Branch turned into an accused inst.i.tute, and as he watched countless young Warlock's hearts turned over to the Magician Branch...


At those moments, his heart died and his very soul despaired.


He had to force himself to believe that under the countless suppression, all the people in the Radiance Continent had given up the Warlock and that G.o.d had abandoned them.


Countless days and nights he was alone guarding the Warlock tower. With his last vestiges of faith, he struggled to support the Warlock Branch so it could not be erased, protecting the precious books in the Warlock tower to make sure that they wouldn’t be burnt. He waited for so long, waiting for the Warlock to rise again, waiting for the day to have such a person who could stand on the highest peak of the Radiance Continent and would again be the symbol of the Warlock’s glory in the eyes of the world.


Finally, all the wait ended right at this moment.


"G.o.d didn’t abandon the Warlocks." Yun Qi’s voice choked. Many years of waiting in hards.h.i.+p, today he finally saw a glimmer of hope.


"You are destined to become a Warlock, you can rest a.s.sured that I will teach you everything I have learned in my whole life. I only hope that one day, in the future, you will rise the Warlock from under this mud road.”


Shen Yanxiao have a complicated expression as he looked at the tearful Yun Qi, she could faintly feel the feelings inside Yun Qi’s heart.


She had been secretly sneaking in and out of the Warlock Branch. When she look at everything around there, she knew that without the old man’s insistence, it is feared that the last Warlock Branch in the entire Radiance Continent had long been erased in the history.


And even if she was determined to become a Warlock by then, it would be difficult to support the dead.


"I'll do my best." Feeling the excitement of Yun Qi's heart, Shen Yanxiao recalled the evaluation on the Warlock of the people around her ever since her rebirth, and her blood that had been calm for a long time, quietly ignited.

The Warlock was innocent, it’s just that the world was too ignorant.


."Good, good..." Yun Qi wiped away the tears on his face; restraining his inner most feelings.


"That’s right, what’s your name? If it’s not convenient to say then don’t say it but I just hope you can trust me, this old man. Although I am not a good person but I swear that as long as I am alive no one can hurt you in front of me." He was already old and he didn’t know how much time was left for him to live in this world, but the child before him was the only hope of the Warlock. If she could win in the compet.i.tion six months later and create a new world in the barren land then perhaps, the Warlock’s glory can also make a comeback.


Shen Yanxiao was shocked to hear the oath of Yun Qi. She had never seen such a person, who for his own belief, could disregard the consequences of having this oath just  to protect a stranger that he just met.


He didn’t even know who she really was but just because she was a warlock, he would like to protect her.


The oath of this world was not as cheap as the one in Shen Yanxiao’s past life. The people here have their own beliefs that if they couldn’t honor their oath, they were even willing to die.

This was a very extreme world, where existed the beliefs and honors that were discarded by the people in her previous world.

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