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Chapter 237 - Summoner (2)

The difference of contracting a magical beast from summoning a phantom beast was that phantom beasts could be summoned infinitely depending on the strength of the Summoner.


Moreover, these summoned beasts would become far stronger because of the power of the Summoner. A person could only sign a contract with a single magical beast in their whole life, but a Summoner could rely on their own strength to summon many creatures.


The reason why the Warlock was feared by the world, in addition to the the strange curse techniques they could cast on people, they could also summon those tyrannical creatures to sweep out the enemy.


There was once a record in the history book of Long Xuan Empire that a hundred years ago, there was a Warlock who had attained the rank of 24 becoming a Saint Summoner and he could summon more than 10 phantom beasts in the blink of an eye. The strength of those phantom beasts was comparable with that of the advanced-level magical beasts. Among those phantom beasts was a creature from the dragon clan that was enough to annihilate thousands of armed forces. With this huge legion of phantom beasts, there was no one who could be the opponent of this Summoner. Even when his enemies had employed ten of thousands of mercenaries, they were still unable to hurt him even a tadbit.


Thousands of people were annihilated under the siege of hundreds of phantom beasts. That very war became the day of the rise of the Warlock's glory, and also the day that gave an extreme shock to the people of the entire continent.


"Is it possible... has master already become a Summoner?" Shen Yanxiao asked, surprised.


The difficulty of being promoted from an Advanced Warlock to the level of a Summoner was far higher from the promotion of an Advanced Magician to the Magister level. Even in the millennium history of the Radiance Continent, the number of those Warlocks who had reached the level of the Summoner was only less than dozen. This almost 100-year-old occupation could be said to be the most awe-inspiring presence in all professions.


Yun Qi raised his head and looked at the dim light of the night outside the door, his gaze slightly dropped.


"Ten years ago, your master was already the only Great Summoner of the Radiance Continent."


"Great Summoner!!!" Shen Yanxiao sucked in a cold air. If a Warlock wants to reach the level of the Great Summoner, the strength must be between rank 19 to 21, and to reach the rank of 20 in any profession, that could almost be said to be the existence that goes against the heaven’s will.

Ouyang Huanyu’s strength as a Great Magister was probably about the rank of 20. With his strength and prestige, he could totally show disdain to those outstanding heroes and warlords of the Long Xuan Empire.


The strength of Yun Qi and Ouyang Huanyu was comparable?


Shen Yanxiao unbelievably looked at this low-key and simple old man before her eyes and the shock in her heart was indescribable.


“What do you think? If you wors.h.i.+p this master, you’ll not suffer a loss.” Yun Qi was rarely in a good mood, teasing Shen Yanxiao.


Shen Yanxiao immediately nodded her head.


Will not suffer a loss, will completely not suffer a loss!


So what if Ouyang Huanyu was in the same level? Everyone already knew Ouyang Huanyu’s position and he no longer teach any students. Those who could get some words of advice from him could already consider themselves very blessed.


And right now, she have an exclusive master that was comparable with Ouyang Huanyu, a master that would only teach herself as his student. Such honor, if words about this got out, it would absolutely make a lot of people envious to death.


'A Great Summoner, no wonder I can’t perceive his magic.' Xiu was relieved of his own wrong judgments.


"What do you mean?" Shen Yanxiao whispered.

‘The magic of the Summoner is strange. Before rank 16, the magic of Warlock, Magician and Priest has no great difference, it's easy to perceive. But after reaching the rank 16, the Warlock's magic will be completely different from the other two professions.'

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