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Chapter 238 - Summoner (3)

'They can summon the phantom beasts and their magic will transform into a strange magic power. That kind of magic is usually not found. As long as the Summoner wanted, they can completely avoid any methods in detecting them.' Xiu sighed. If there was one thing in the world that could render him helpless, it was only the Summoners who possessed such mysterious and unpredictable magic power.

Shen Yanxiao was inwardly speechless. For Xiu to regard them highly, it seemed that the Summoner was indeed really strong.

Even the Great Magister, Ouyang Huanyu, had failed to get a praise from Xiu's mouth.

Yun Qi let Shen Yanxiao cast a few other combination curse techniques. Shen Yanxiao’s movements when performing the hand seals were all perfect. Only after the fourth combination curse technique was casted did she felt a trace of fatigue that even her breathing had become a bit disoriented.

Yun Qi immediately notice the abnormal situation of Shen Yanxiao and his eyebrows couldn't help but wrinkled up slightly.

"Your talents and perceptions are very high, however your foundation is very poor. Though you can rely on your talents and senses to understand the essence of the high-level curse techniques, but your magic is not enough to support these combination curses. At your current level, releasing four of two-level combination curse techniques in a short period of time is already your limit, as for four-level and higher combination curses, you can only release two, if more than that, I'm afraid that your spirit will be greatly damage."

Shen Yanxiao sticked her tongue out. In the previous test, she had only used the Collapse and Illusion most of the times. Fortunately, she didn't use the third combination curse technique, otherwise, she's afraid that she wouldn't be able to withstand the damage of her spiritual power.

"Now you don't have to rush to learn the high-level curse techniques. To secure a solid foundation, purifying your magic is the key to your current situation. Otherwise, even if you learn thousands of high-level curse techniques, when you need to use them, you can only use two, isn't it a waste of your efforts?" Yun Qi guided her earnestly. Shen Yanxiao's level of strength was very high, it's just that the period she'd been in touch with the curse techniques was still too short. To be able to perform these combination curses with her current strength was actually pretty good.

"Your ability in curse techniques has reached the rank 9, but your magic can barely reach rank 7." Without the support of magic, many curse techniques were just fleeting clouds.

Shen Yanxiao nodded her head. If today's accident didn't happened, she's afraid she would not think of these things. Since Yun Qi could reached the level of the Great Summoner, naturally his knowledge was far better than Shen Yanxiao's. A little guidance from him would have a great effect on Shen Yanxiao.

"But you do not have to worry too much. For your Warlock's magic to reach the rank of 7 at your age is already pretty good. As long as you are willing to work harder, the rest would not be a problem." A 13 years old youth who had reached the level of Intermediate Warlock, this was not something which could be describe by just the word genius. Even Yun Qi himself had entered the threshold of Intermediate-level Warlock at the age of 15. At that time, he was renowned in all directions because of his awe-inspiring talents. If not for the Warlock’s path to wither away, Shen Yanxiao's strength today would definitely shock the whole Radiance Continent.

If Yun Qi knew that Shen Yanxiao had only practiced magic and had become an Intermediate Warlock for 3 to 4 months, who knew what he would think of.

And if Yun Qi knew that not only did Shen Yanxiao reached the Intermediate-level Warlock, but she had also broken through to the Intermediate Archer, who knew if it would directly petrify him.

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