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Chapter 251 - Pharmacy Master (1)

"Master, this thing is too precious, I can't accept this." Even thieves have a principle. She wasn't really willing to take away the thing that made Yun Qi safe.

However, Yun Qi just smiled and said: "You little girl don't need to be so polite. As your master, I can't use it now and I rather have you play a bigger role. Ouyang Huanyu is a very dangerous character, if not because I need help to obtain a certain potion, I wouldn't a.s.sociate myself with such a person. You're my only student and I don't want you to be harmed by that old fox. ”

"What potion?" Shen Yanxiao's interest was piqued. She had some talent for potions and no one could be on an equal footing with her among the new students. If Yun Qi needed some potion, she might be able to help.

Yun Qi was aware of Shen Yanxiao's thoughts. Although he had stayed indoors, that didn't hinder him from knowing some matters of the other branches. He knew that his own young disciple had actually been receiving a lot of praises from the mentors of the Pharmaceutical Branch. However, the potion that he needed was too difficult to concoct.

"Even though your master was able to escape the hunt of that time, the damage I had acc.u.mulated was big. Although I have the strength of a Great Summoner, I had suffered a serious injury, hence my current strength is suppressed inside my body and cannot be used. The reason why I have accepted the invitation of Ouyang Huanyu was because the potion that could cure my injury was one of the most difficult potion to configure in the whole world. Ouyang Huanyu had promised me that as long as I stay in the Holy Roland School, he will make the pharmacists of  his school concoct the potion for me." If it weren't because he needed some help, he wouldn't allow himself to be under that person's control.

The current status of the Warlocks today had been much less than before and Yun Qi wouldn't have the means to find a large number of pharmacists to concoct the potion. On the other hand, Ouyang Huanyu as the Dean of the Holy Roland School have many outstanding pharmacists under him. Therefore, he could only rely on Ouyang Huanyu to solve his problem.

Yun Qi was just like a blind man walking on a steel wire while under him was a ferocious wolf, each and every step was very dangerous.

"The potion is called Blood Feast potion. The materials needed are very precious. Moreover, the method of its concoction is very c.u.mbersome. I know that you have some talent in pharmaceutical but this thing is too difficult for you. The three Pharmacy Masters to whom Ouyang Huanyu entrusted the job are all yet to successfully concoct this potion. And it is estimated that only Pharmacy Masters could concoct it." Yun Qi slightly sighed. The number of Pharmacy Master in the whole Radiance Continent was only few. It was very rare to reach the Master level in Pharmaceutical and whenever there would be a person to reach it, there would already be a strong presence on their side and even behind that person there’s still a more formidable force.

To Yun Qi's current situation, he wouldn’t be able to move such a force to make the potion. Even Ouyang Huanyu didn’t have this ability.

Shen Yanxiao licked her lips. This was the first time Shen Yanxiao heard the name Blood Feast potion. As for Pharmacy Master, this was indeed a very distant level.

Pharmacy Master was equivalent to the Magician's level of Saint Magister, which was as rare as a mythological beast.

"Master, do you have the formula for this potion? My strength is not enough, but I will try my best to solve the problem for master." Ouyang Huanyu was definitely not a reliable person, who knew if he really have the full power to concoct the potion. Instead of pinning his hopes on him, she might as well put her talent together and raise her level so she could be the one to achieve it instead.

"I do have the formula, but... No, nevermind. If you’re really determined then I'll give it to you.”

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