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Iry, who had been silent, frowned slightly and looked at the noisy teenagers.

"Never mind." Iry withdrew his sight and looked at Naken and other students who had just entered the arena.

Iry was older than Naken and Zhanye. Before Naken and Zhanye entered Deathfire Academy, Iry had already been studying here for a long time. Because he was the dean's grandson, his status in the academy was a bit special. Even the arrogant Naken dared not mess around in front of him.

Today, he and his companions came to this arena to see if Shen Yanxiao's students were capable of fighting back.

The students who came with him today were the undead teenagers who were rescued by Shen Yanxiao from the Mole Beast in the Forest of Death that day.

This group of teenagers originally looked down on Shen Yanxiao, a low undead. But when they came back and learned from their mentor how dangerous the Mole Beast was, they realized that Shen Yanxiao had really saved their lives.

Since then, they had a good impression of the low undead who had saved their lives, so they came with Iry to have a look at this compet.i.tion.

"But..." The expression of the undead teenagers was somewhat ugly. Their original att.i.tude towards this new mentor was not friendly. This had always made them feel very guilty. It could be said that their group belonged to the few students who knew her true strength.

Being able to deal with a high undead creature on her own, without incurring any damage, her combat strength was beyond their grasp.

Since "Yan Di" entered the Deathfire Academy, they had been hearing all kinds of negative news about her. Many times, they wanted to come forward to clarify everything, but they had been suppressed by Iry.

Iry's reason was simple. For those idiots who had not seen Shen Yanxiao's strength with their own eyes, no matter how many times they explained, it would not make any sense.

"Naken's rate of progression is very fast. Looks like Mentor Luoqiu is really interested in him." Iry was reluctant to continue the topic and turned his attention directly to Naken.

He knew Shen Yanxiao's situation more clearly than his other companions. He had learned Shen Yanxiao's situation from his grandfather, the dean of Deathfire Academy, after all. Iry had always been calm and wise and quickly understood his grandfather's practice.

No matter how many times they explained, it was futile. Only strength could prove everything.

"So what if his promotion is fast? That fellow Naken has a terribly bad temper. All day long, he has that look on his face as if no one can be above him. Now that he's holding Mentor Luoqiu's thighs, he just got more arrogant. Even when he sees us students, he always displays such a condescending appearance. Really makes one mad." Iry's companions apparently didn't like Naken.

Iry shrugged his shoulders and said nothing more. It didn't matter what Naken's character was. The main point here was that Naken's progress in the past month was much faster than it was a month ago. In this case, could Yan Di's students still win?

Iry was quite unsure in his heart.

He didn't want Yan Di to lose the compet.i.tion, and he didn't want her to leave Deathfire Academy.

Her physical arts were of great value to Deathfire Academy.

Just when Iry was worried about Shen Yanxiao, his companions, who were still discussing Naken's arrogance, suddenly found a team at the entrance of the arena. He immediately pulled Iry's sleeve and said excitedly, "Here they are! Mentor Yan Di and others, they're here!"

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