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Shen Yanxiao wanted to kill the idiots.

"Mentor Yan Di, we have been with you for so long, you can't abandon us!"


Abandon her foot, could they not make irresponsible remarks!

This girl was already taken by some great master, okay? If this was heard by that great master, wouldn't they die without a burial place?

After s.h.i.+le's hint, Zhanye lowered his head and held back for a long time before he said to Shen Yanxiao, "Mentor Yan Di! We... We really need you..."

Shen Yanxiao supported her forehead. Was it really necessary for these brats to exaggerate like this? She just took over a new batch of naughty children, just as the dean and Kehr wanted, but these little fools were acting as if she was saying goodbye to them.

"If they come, let them come. They will not affect you whatsoever. You should just train properly." Helpless, Shen Yanxiao could only appease the group of grumpy brats.

"Is what you said true, Mentor Yan Di?" Forty-seven pairs of eyes uniformly looked together at Shen Yanxiao, flas.h.i.+ng with emotions full of expectations.

Shen Yanxiao was speechless. Being stared at with such affectionate eyes by a group of undead teenagers taller than her felt really weird.

"Quickly go and train!" Shen Yanxiao put on a strict face and lashed her whip, which shooed the teenagers away from her.

The training of her Flaming Red Squad had finally returned to normal.

Shen Yanxiao stood to the side. She watched the laughing, naughty brats as they walked to their respective positions to continue their training and felt extremely melancholic.

She didn't want to encounter these naughty brats in the battlefield at all. And even if she couldn't meet them on the battlefield, her heart would ache if she knew that they were likely to die under the hands of her comrades.

The thoughts of these undead teenagers were very simple; they did not have the cunning of the adult undead. In fact, they had subverted Shen Yanxiao's understanding of the undead's evilness and cunningness.

Shen Yanxiao began to think deeply. Could it be that the nature of the undead, like human beings, was pure from the beginning; but over time, the surrounding environment constantly affected them, so that their thinking became more and more extreme?

"Is it too late now?" Shen Yanxiao frowned slightly. If she could, she hoped to change the views these naughty brats held towards other races. Perhaps they would decline to go to war, decline to join forces with the Devil Race to attack other races.

To reverse the thinking of the undead. From ancient times to the present, only Shen Yanxiao could think of such a terrifying idea.

Since the day the undead existed, they carried all the negative adjectives on their backs and became the second most sinister race next to the Devil Race.

It was precisely because of the Devil Race, such a restless race, that the Undead had not become the mortal enemies of the other six races. But even so, the relations.h.i.+p between the Undead and the other races was not optimistic either.

The main reason was the undead's power to resurrect the dead.

They used the corpses of other races as a medium to resurrect a new group of undead, which was blasphemy against the dead in the eyes of other races. This was something that the other races could not tolerate.

The Undead had a long life span. They could live till the end of the world without any natural enemies. But correspondingly, their fertility rate was very low. The birth rate of purebred undead was only a bit higher than that of the G.o.ds. It should be known that the total number of young undead in the Howling Abyss was less than a hundred thousand. It could be said that only one out of one hundred adult undead in the Howling Abyss could breed the next generation.

It was a one percent fertility rate.

To grow and strengthen their race, they could only rely on their power to resurrect more undead, which in turn committed taboo in the eyes of the other races.

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