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Chapter 265 - The Fall of the G.o.ds (3)

"No need to think deeper into it. Whatever your ident.i.ty is, it's all the same to me." Shen Yanxiao chuckled. If she think about it, wouldn't her ident.i.ty as someone who transmigrated would also make people shock unceasingly?

Xiu looked at how Shen Yanxiao moved her lower lip slightly.

"Are you ready to unlock the third layer of the seal?"

Shen Yanxiao nodded then she gradually freed her spirit from the depths of her soul. Looking at the empty room, she slightly breathed in and out.

"I don't know how much it will hurt this time." The previous pain from unlocking the second seal was still fresh in her mind, she was unable to predict the what would be the feeling this time.

Pretty soon, she felt that the seal on her arm gradually emitting a heat, which didn't radiate outward from her body, but traveled straight through her flesh then to the bone marrow.

Shen Yanxiao bit her lip in secret. She had prepared herself to endure the impending pain, but the next second, her entire body shook and fell directly on the bed, losing all her consciousness.

Inside her soul, Vermillion Bird was waiting beside Xiu. His scarlet eyes were filled with astonishment.

"What have you done!?" Feeling that his master had fainted, Vermillion Bird immediately put his guard up.

It's not that Shen Yanxiao had no faith in Xiu, but this mysterious man really made him feel dangerous.

Shen Yanxiao might not be aware, but at this moment, Xiu's spiritual power had been far superior than her's. Such a violent force could make Xiu be able to forcibly occupy the body of Shen Yanxiao, and become the new owner of her body.

But Vermillion Bird was clearly aware of it. Because he and Xiu were both inside Shen Yanxiao's body, he could clearly feel the changes of Xiu.

"If you dare to do anything to hurt her, I will burn your soul into pieces." Although Shen Yanxiao might not be a good master as she often bullied him, Vermillion Bird would still not allow someone to injure her even a tiny bit.

A cl.u.s.ter of fiery flames was ignited in Vermillion Bird's palm as he carefully watched Xiu's every move.

The moment he see Xiu perform even a little bit of tampering, he would not hesitate to attack.

Xiu indifferently glanced at the nervous Vermillion Bird, and also immediately retracted his line of sight.

"If her consciousness won't be sealed off, the pain of unlocking the third layer of the seal would put her in agony."

Vermillion Bird was startled. He knew the strength of the Seven Stars Locking Moon. Each layer of the seal would bring a great deal of pain, and the upper the layer, the more intense the pain would be.

So, it seemed that this approach was really good for Shen Yanxiao.

Xiu didn't explain further to Vermillion Bird. He closed his eyes and slowly urged up the traces of power he had just regained a while ago. Suddenly, a dark golden light radiated from his body, illuminating the heart lake.

Vermillion Bird was astonished to see the changes in Xiu's body.The Divine power of the Divine Race was the supreme holy power. That golden radiance was the sign of the power of G.o.ds. But the golden light shrouding Xiu's body wasn't pure and was rather broken. He could feel that the glow that was emanating from him was mingled with something that he hated.

This feeling could never be emitted by a Divine Race, but that color of eyes was clearly the symbol of the G.o.ds!

Vermillion Bird watched the movements of Xiu with full caution. His heart was feeling very upset.

Who the h.e.l.l was this mysterious guy in the end? In this world, someone who's capable of unlocking the Seven Stars Locking Moon should have long ceased to exist!

The dark golden rays had gradually covered the eyes of Vermillion Bird, extending to the entire body of Shen Yanxiao.

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