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Chapter 266 - Lou De’s Invitation (1)

When Shen Yanxiao woke up again, it was already the next morning. She was in a daze from being unconscious, and she felt a burst of pain from her head.


Shen Yanxiao tried to sit up, but just as soon as she moved, her bones made a snapping sounds.


The crisp sounds echoed within Shen Yanxiao's ears, directly making her stunned.


What's going on?


She was ready to undergo the painful process of unlocking the third layer of her seal, but even before she could fully prepare herself, she fell unconscious. And just when she woke up, the bones all over her body were like being disa.s.sembled and reconst.i.tuted, with an incomparable aching.


"Xiu, is the seal unlocked?" Shen Yanxiao endured that aching pain from her bones and reluctantly sat up.


‘Yes.’ Xiu's voice was still as cold as snow. The only difference was now, Shen Yanxiao could imagine his expression through his voice.


'You can examine the changes in your body.'


Shen Yanxiao took a deep breath and slowly walked out of the bed.


After adapting to that kind of soreness, she unexpectedly found that her body was much lighter than before. She delightedly examined her whole body more, but didn't find anything else that’s different.


'The main effect of unlocking the third seal is your skeleton, which is much better now than it was before. It will be a great help to your magic and dou qi cultivation.' Xiu was like a responsible tutor who guides Shen Yanxiao out of a difficult problem.


Shen Yanxiao randomly moved her hands and feet. Her movements were indeed much lighter than before. She tried using a curse technique. The result was that the movements of her hands became more swift as she performed the series of hand seals.


"This is good." Shen Yanxiao faintly smiled. The changes in the root bone might not be very effective for the Magicians and Priests, but for the Warlocks, it was truly helpful. Because a  faster movement of performing hand seals could bring more strength to the curse.


Shen Yanxiao freshen herself up in the hotel. She looked at the time and saw that her pharmaceutical cla.s.s was yet to begin. She hastened to tidy up, then left the Black City and hurriedly went back to the Holy Roland School.


Shen Yanxiao had been absent for four days in the Pharmaceutical Branch. Today, she had managed to get back before cla.s.s had begun.


She had just arrived at the Pharmaceutical Branch when she saw Tang Nazhi.


Tang Nazhi was aware that Shen Yanxiao didn't return last night and he didn't ask too much about it. Anyway, this little la.s.s had been very secretive even before, he just thought that she was probably busy with something else.


"You're finally coming to the cla.s.s today. Right, this morning, when I haven't gotten up from bed yet, someone came to the dorm to see you by mentor Lou De’s instruction." Tang Nazhi said.


Lou De was the mentor who was in charge of the entrance examination of Shen Yanxiao. Shen Yanxiao had some impression of him. Since she had entered the Pharmaceutical Branch, Lou De had looked for her two times and asked about her growth in pharmaceutical. In her current accomplishments in pharmaceutical, everything was going smoothly and easily. She had completely crushed all the new students in the Pharmaceutical Branch and Lou De was full of praise for her.


Although Lou De was not a direct mentor to Shen Yanxiao, he would frequently ask Shen Yanxiao's mentor to give more attention to her.


Because of this, Shen Yanxiao had a favorable impression of Lou De.


"What could be the matter that he needed someone to come and look for me?" Shen Yanxiao was a little curious. Although she had been in a sick leave for a few days, Lou De still didn't have to look for her so urgently.


"I don't know. But the guy said that after cla.s.s, you should go and look for mentor Lou De."

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