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Chapter 267 - Lou De's Invitation (2)

Tang Nazhi shrugged. It wasn’t a day or two since Shen Yanxiao had attracted the attention of the Pharmaceutical Branch. Although she was the youngest, her pharmaceutical skills were far superior compared to the other students.

Previously, after the test had just ended, right after a week or so had pa.s.sed, some thick-headed and blind students from other saw that Shen Yanxiao was too young and thought that she had only managed to get into the purple cla.s.s because of Qi Xia and the other talented people in her team, and so they’d wanted to challenge her so they could rise up to purple cla.s.s instantly.

Unfortunately, those students had ended up miserably.

It wasn’t that their strength was too weak but because their challenge was just about making some potions that had already been taught at that time. So, with Shen Yanxiao's natural talent of understanding thing with just little instructions, it was just as easy as reaching out and s.n.a.t.c.hing things from them.

It only took her a minute or two to beat each one of them.

This time, no one dared to find her trouble.

"Then I'll go and check on him later." As a matter of fact, among the three branches she was in, the Pharmaceutical Branch was the least branch she cared about. Pharmaceutical wasn’t like dou qi and magic that relied on her seal to gain strength. What’s important for the pharmacist was your own ability, all she needed to do was go to her pharmacist cla.s.s and learn bit by bit, completely unlike the Archer and Warlock that had a great speed in advancing a level.

Shen Yanxiao had been accustomed to the rapid speed and thrill of leveling up that she had always felt that her growth in pharmaceutical was too slow.

But now that she’s planning to make the Blood Feast Potion, naturally she should put her heart more into her pharmaceutical studies.

Her morning cla.s.s was soon over. After Shen Yanxiao bid farewell to Tang Nazhi, she walked alone at last to Lou De’s place.

At this time, Lou De was sitting upright in his room. There was a serious expression on his face that made his face darker than the bottom of the pot.

And standing beside Lou De were two other pharmacist students, with their heads bent down to the extreme. The atmosphere made them unable to make a single sound.

"You truly have great skills, to be given one month to make a bottle of Breath Concealing Potion and yet be unsuccessful. Do you have a brain of a pig? To think that you two have been in the Pharmaceutical Branch for two years already, but unexpectedly didn’t even learn a bit! Do you think you deserve the clothes and badge of the purple cla.s.s that you’re wearing right now?!" Lou De had a very tense face as he gritted his teeth while glaring at the two students in front of him.

He was in charge of the second year’s purple cla.s.s of the Pharmaceutical Branch. He was responsible for these two students that was standing before him since they were under his management. As early as a month ago, he had started teaching the second year students with some intermediate-level concoction methods, and although the concoction of intermediate level potion was much higher than that of low level potion, the purple cla.s.s he was responsible for was known to be the best among thousands of pharmacist students. Moreover, he had already been teaching them for one month.

This was like a nightmare for Lou De. These proud and arrogant students had a horrible performance in making intermediate level potion. In a whole one month, in a cla.s.s of 100 people, only 20 students had barely made a full intermediate level potion, and the purity of these potions was even far from reaching the pa.s.sing line, while the rest of them couldn’t even do the final step of the process.

Furthermore, these two students that were standing before him were the most talented of the batch, yet their mixing of the three types of medicinal herbs were not well balanced. In less than one month, they had destroyed a lot of medicinal herbs. And today, they were even brave enough that they’d actually added a catalytic powder during the concoction process.

In an instant, two explosions happened in the pharmacy room.

If it wasn’t because the students were scattered at that time, it was feared that these two explosions might had injured a lot of students.

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