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Chapter 268 - Lou De's Invitation (3)

"Truly promising youths; not even having any ability to make potions and still doing dishonest things! Do you really want to become a pharmacist?" Lou De’s aura had turned bad. The Pharmacist was a very sensitive profession, they could both save and harm the people. A perfect potion could save lives in distress, while a failed potion could push a person into a fire pit.

Using some external drugs that could catalyse the potion was decreed to be extremely prohibited by the Pharmacists.

These two students unexpectedly dared to do it right under his nose, making him lose his face [1]!

Shen Yanxiao had just arrived at the door when she heard Lou De’s tyrannosaurus roar. She blinked her eyes. Looking at the situation inside, she hesitated to go and hence decided to just wait for a while.

Lou De angrily stared at the two students who dared not utter a word, instead they hesitantly glanced at the door where Shen Yanxiao was.

"Shen Jue, come in." It was only after seeing Shen Yanxiao did Lou De's face finally got better.

"Mentor Lou De." Shen Yanxiao obediently went in and swept a glance at the two scolded, abused students. Luo De’s skill in scolding was indeed ferocious.

"I heard from your mentor that you were ill these past few days. How are you now?" Luo De asked Shen Yanxiao with a soft voice, completely different from his cruel tone just a moment ago.

This huge difference immediately stimulated those two students that they raised their head to look at Shen Yanxiao.

In front of them was a student who had a small stature and didn’t have any great features to admire of. They soon noticed Shen Yanxiao’s badge on his chest. This badge has a shape of a star with five tips, indicating that this little guy was merely a new first year pharmacist student.

This new student whose features had nothing special to look at was unexpectedly capable of making Lou De, who was well known of being strict, turn gentle?

“I’m actually much better now." Shen Yanxiao said while touching her nose. Luo De's tone of voice didn’t seemed he would also make a trouble for her.

"Good." Lou De nodded. Shen Yanxiao wasn’t a student that he was responsible for, but after the entrance exam for the Pharmaceutical Branch, he became more concerned about this freshman. Each time Shen Yanxiao would hand over a potion she had made, her mentor would eventually send it to Lou De. So, it could be said that Lou De had seen every bottle of potion that Shen Yanxiao had concocted.

And because of this, Lou De had been surprised with Shen Yanxiao’s innate skill in pharmaceutical.

Each potion that Shen Yanxiao had concocted were all extremely perfect that Lou De couldn’t find even a single trace of flaw.

"Learning is very important, but your own health is also equally important, so you shouldn’t let your body get exhausted." Lou De said, his lips showing a rare smile.

Shen Yanxiao cleverly nodded. Deep inside, she was secretly flabbergasted that this Lou De who was known as a strict mentor had actually said such gentle words.

Could this be the legendary soft heart of a strong man?

[Guide Sky: Basically, like the saying that strong men has soft heart.]


Shen Yanxiao was silently embarra.s.sed.

The other two students had been listening to this horror and they asked themselves, was this really the mentor Lou de that they knew? That strong teacher that could curse and abuse students within a minute was this person?

Don’t joke around. Since when had their teacher paid any attention to a student’s health?

Their teacher would never be a gentle one!

"I don’t know why mentor Lou De called me?" Shen Yanxiao asked.

Lou De looked at Shen Yanxiao, and then at his own students before he let out a heavy sigh and said: “Let's set that aside for now. First, there’s a potion that I'd like you to try making. When you complete the task, I'll tell you why I have called you here.”

 [1] face  = reputation.

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