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Chapter 271 - Breath Concealing Potion (3)

If one has that thing called 'talent', just one time would be enough.

Otherwise, there was no point of studying it many times, even if it was over ten times.


Just like the purple cla.s.s that he was in charge of. He had showed them the process at least hundred of times for one month, but none among that group of idiots had comprehend the key.

"Understood." Shen Yanxiao nodded her head then earnestly watched every movements of Lou De.

The Breath Concealing Potion was considered as an intermediate level potion not only because of its effect, but also it needed up to 13 medicinal herbs. Moreover, four of these medicinal herbs had a huge repulsion with each other. Just losing your concentration even for a moment would cause the property of the potion to be imbalanced leading to a failure.

Lou De put the 13 kinds of medicinal herbs on the table, concentrating on the processing of each medicinal herbs.

His movements were slow, but not at all sluggish. He was very careful at the initial processing of the medicinal herbs.

Desiccation, extracting the sap, scribing, milling.

Each process was done just right.

After all the 13 kinds of herbs had been processed, Lou De poured the fluid of a medicinal herb into the crystal bottle. Afterwards, he also poured the fluid of another three medicinal herbs, each was poured with different amount.

The solution which was bluish at first, after mixing the sap of four kinds of herbs, had turned dark blue in color. Lou De shook it before placing it on the flames to heat it up.

As the temperature continues to increase, the dark blue solution gradually converted into dark green color. Lou De then mixed in the collection of other medicinal herbs.

Shen Yanxiao carefully watched each action of Lou De.

As a Senior Pharmacist, Lou De could be said to be very skillful in making an intermediate level potions. Each and every of his actions was perfect to the extreme.

Shen Yanxiao noted that Lou De's timing in mixing each medicinal ingredients was very subtle. As the temperature changes, the potion in the crystal bottle would also produce some changes. Putting other medicinal herbs’ powder in the course of the change could effectively avoid the conflict between the medicinal ingredients. It could also make the efficacy of the combining process better.

How to grasp the time of placement of each ingredients was very important for the concoction process of the potion.

The purple cla.s.s students at the side had also been watching. Lou De had already taught them the concoction process of the Breath Concealing Potion and they'd thoroughly absorb every bit of it in their hearts, but still, they couldn't grasp the key, always failing to concoct a complete potion.

After a full half-hour, a bottle of light yellow Breath Concealing Potion appeared before the eyes of everyone.

Lou De put the finished potion aside then wiped his hands before looking at Shen Yanxiao.

"Have you seen it clearly?" Although it was easy for him to make an intermediate level potion, in order for Shen Yanxiao to see the process clearly, he had deliberately made every step perfect.

"I think." Shen Yanxiao smiled.

"Well then, try it." Lou De walked away from the table and only took a few doses of medicinal herbs for Shen Yanxiao to use, preventing her to be unsuccessful at her first try.

Shen Yanxiao didn't refuse it as well. She went straight to the table, looking at the pile of concoction utensils. She didn't rush to start, instead she recalled in her mind every step of the concoction process that Lou De had demonstrated.

Watching the slow action of Shen Yanxiao, the surrounding group of students couldn't help but whisper.

"I say, this kid is naive. He'd seen how hard it is to configure a Breath Concealing Potion himself. I guess he's just really foolish."

"He's obviously overestimating his capabilities. Does he really think that everyone can make an intermediate level potion? He even have the audacity to say that he will do it after watching the process once. It’s too funny that it's really killing me."

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