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Chapter 291 - Benefits (2)

The clothes on the side of the spring floated slowly. Xiu was quietly suspended in mid-air, and pulled a piece of Shen Yanxiao’s clothing to neatly cover herself.

The slight sounds of footsteps were getting closer. Xiu had unhurriedly drifted towards Shen Yanxiao, and watched her figure fall into a deep sleep. With a soft nudge of his fingertips, he gently placed  her beside the tree and allowed her to lean on it lightly.

Thereupon, his figure had once again turned into a wisp of dark mist, and channelled back into Shen Yanxiao's chest.

Qi Xia had waited outside for a long time. After not  seeing Shen Yanxiao's figure for a long period of time, his heart couldn't help but become worried. He walked closer to the moonlight spring and shouted: "Little Xiao?"

He had received no response.

Qi Xia couldn't help but directly go into the moonlight spring. There was no sight of Shen Yanxiao's figure in the empty spring, but just after Qi Xia’s surprise, he had actually discovered the little guy at one side, sleeping soundly.

"Little pig, how can you sleep like that ah?" Qi Xia chuckled. He leaned forward and stretched out his slender and strong arms to pull the sleeping Shen Yanxiao into his embrace.

Her weight in  his arms was so light. Qi Xia looked at the thin and small Shen Yanxiao in his bosom and couldn't help but laugh.

Her naked little feet dangled in mid-air. Qi Xia could only bend his waist down whilst holding Shen Yanxiao in his arms and picked up the shoes and socks that laid on the side of the spring.

The moonlight was boundless. Qi Xia had carried  Shen Yanxiao all the way through the road of the Magician Branch, and marched towards the Pharmaceutical Branch.

At the entrance of the Pharmacist's Dormitory, Tang Nazhi's arms were crossed over his chest, he leaned against the doorframe, whilst looking thoughtfully at Qi Xia.

"She's asleep, don't wake her up." Qi Xia said as he looked at Tang Nazhi.

Tang Nazhi knitted his brows and didn't utter a word. He then took Shen Yanxiao from Qi Xia's arms and nodded before putting her back into their room.

Shen Yanxiao's weight was of no challenge to them at all.

Qi Xia watched Tang Nazhi’s back and his heart couldn't help but harbour some doubts.

When he saw Shen Yanxiao, she had fallen asleep, but her clothes had been neatly put on. Aside for the shoes and socks, there was no difference at all to how she usually dressed.

Why not just leave after she got the spirit to get dressed? Instead, she had slept beside the spring.

He didn't think that the gra.s.s on the edge of the moonlight spring would be more comfortable than the bed in the dormitory.

Did someone help her get dressed?

But he had set up a perceptual magic in the moonlight spring, if anyone had arrived, he would have been notified immediately. Otherwise, he wouldn't have taken Shen Yanxiao there.

He had always harboured a doubt in his heart, but could never grasp it.


A dreamless night. Shen Yanxiao had gotten a good night of sleep. As to how she returned to the dormitory, her mind could only guess bits and pieces. She had thought that Qi Xia had gotten worried when he didn't see her after a long while, and ran over to a.s.sess the situation. Then she had gotten dressed and was sent back to the dormitory.

For a certain profiteer to see her bare body, Shen Yanxiao didn't really take it to heart.

At her age, there wasn't any difference in the growth of these bones. It was predicted that being able to see Tang Nazhi's pectoral muscles was worth more than seeing her own body.

Moreover, her training in her previous life had contained some very discordant content, and although she had disliked it, there was no such thing as conservatism.

Perhaps it was thanks to the moonlight spring, that Shen Yanxiao had felt refreshed after waking up. There were no signs of her exhaustion from the last few days.

After dressing up neatly, she went to greet Tang Nazhi directly and then hurriedly moved to Ye Qing.

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