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"Am I at odds with alchemy?" Shen Yanxiao was devastated. She had been adept at whatever she had learned before, but she had hit a brick wall in alchemy.

Unusual flame and complete metal rod; she obtained the best equipment for alchemy, one by one, and was finally able to make a sacred tool; yet, unexpectedly, it had this kind of effect...

Xiu picked up Shen Yanxiao's silver whip and took a closer look at it, "It's good stuff."

"Good stuff? You don't have to comfort me. It can't even break a rock, it's not a good thing." Shen Yanxiao was very disappointed. She had waited a long time for this sacred tool, after all.

"Its advantage is not in offense, but in control." Xiu said.

"Control?" Shen Yanxiao tilted her head.

"This whip is extremely resilient. If you can use it well to bind the enemy's actions, with the exception of a few strong existences, not many people will be able to break free from it." Xiu returned the whip to Shen Yanxiao. The whip was not as useless as she thought.

"Is that true?" Shen Yanxiao opened her eyes wide.

"When Dragon G.o.d comes, you can try it on him." Some great G.o.d was not stingy; he could lend his sandbag to Shen Yanxiao.

"Okay!" Shen Yanxiao was also a bit unkind.

Dragon G.o.d, who was on his way to the capital city, did not know that his tragedy was far from over.

Shen Yanxiao, who had tried the weapon form of the sacred tool, could not wait to try the armor this time.

She took back the whip, and the gorgeous weapon once again changed back into the ring on her finger; and with rapt attention, she urged the sacred tool one more time.


With a shout, the silver light bloomed yet again, and this time it shrouded Shen Yanxiao's body.

A trace of coolness covered her whole body, and from within the dazzling light, she watched the flickering dots clinging to her body.

When the light faded, Shen Yanxiao emerged.

She was dressed in a silver armor, each part of which perfectly fitted her curves. It did not look awkward at all; on the contrary, it appeared so heroic that even a pet.i.te dwarf felt very powerful with it.

"Sure enough, your sacred tool is a defensive one. It is not very aggressive, but it works extremely well in control and defense. Even the Dragon G.o.d would have difficulty breaking it." Xiu looked at Shen Yanxiao in satisfaction. This armor was an extra layer of security for her.



"Why don't you punch me?" As soon as she heard that her armor was so fierce, Shen Yanxiao was eager to verify it.

With a slightly raised eyebrow, Xiu expressed helplessness at such an amazing proposal from Shen Yanxiao.


"Why?" The smile on Shen Yanxiao's face faded at once, and she looked bitterly at Xiu.

Could it be Xiu was really just comforting her?

Fearing that she could not stand such a blow, he deliberately praised her sacred tool so well?

"I'm not lying to you." Xiu looked at the heartbroken Shen Yanxiao and sighed helplessly.

"Your sacred tool is very good, but... I can't do something like that to you."

Even destroying a magnificent army with thousands of men and horses, his expression would not change a bit. However, he would not do anything to hurt Shen Yanxiao in his entire life, even if it were just an experiment.

Shen Yanxiao's little face immediately turned red, and her panic made it impossible for her to maintain the armor form of the sacred tool. The s.h.i.+ning silver armor transformed into little b.a.l.l.s of light and changed back into the ring again.

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