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Chapter 297 - Crazy Bets (2)

Tang Nazhi spent two full years studying pharmaceutics just to enter the Pharmaceutical Branch of Holy Roland School. Just how many people have mocked and ridiculed him? But he had come such a long way since then, while keeping his goals in mind. And now, Shangguan Xiao wanted Tang Nazhi to wager his hard earned position/work.

And the reason for their bet was actually Shangguan Xiao, and that unknown little fellow who was still a freshman pharmacist?

There was nothing comparable between them. Even if they used their toes to think, it was obvious that Shangguan Xiao could flatten Shen Jue.

Tang Nazhi would never agree to such a gamble unless he was crazy!

Tang Nazhi coldly gazed towards Shangguan Xiao. The wager was really beyond his expectations but so what?

"I promise you! But if Shen Jue wins, you have to grant her request instead of mine ." So what if the opponent was Shangguan Xiao?

"Great!" Shangguan Xiao sneered as he watched this Tang Nazhi stupidly walk into a trap.

He would like to see if this ugly little fellow had the ability to win this compet.i.tion!

Because of the wave of turbulence between Tang Nazhi and Shangguan Xiao, the students at the side were astonished about this wager that they were scared out of their wits.

These two people were crazy. Just for a small game, they would actually let their futures be crushed?

Although Tang Nazhi was from the Black Tortoise Clan’s younger generation, at that time, he had been determined to take the Pharmaceutical Branch’s entrance exam. This incident had already displeased the head of the Black Tortoise Main Family. If he left Holy Roland School because of this matter, it was very likely that he would be punished by the head of their clan.

And for this disgraceful affair, he might have no choice but to leave the main family, and his position as heir would be revoked.

Even so, Tang Nazhi still dared to bet?

Shangguan Xiao's family’s status was far lower than Tang Nazhi's family’s. If he hadn't been born with a talent in pharmaceutics, and was forced to leave Holy Roland School, even if there were other academies that would be willing to accept him, it would still be difficult to find another Master Pharmacist.

If he lost a Master Pharmacist's guidance, Shangguan Xiao's road would no longer be smooth.

Whether it was one or the other, in the eyes of other people, they both couldn't afford to lose this bet.

A person’s lack of manners could ruin their future.

However, compared to Shangguan Xiao, people were even more worried about Tang Nazhi.

Shangguan Xiao's strength was very clear to everyone. In the whole Pharmaceutical Branch, it was hard to find a second person who had the ability to go neck-and-neck with him. Not to mention that the opponent was a freshman who hadn't been enrolled in school for six months. This was a one-sided situation.

No wonder Shangguan Xiao dared to put down a heavy bet.

Also, as a result, Tang Nazhi's response seemed incredible to people.

He actually didn't know the immensity of heaven and earth, and thought that with a mere Shen Jue, he could win against Shangguan Xiao, or could it simply be him being unable to stay in the Pharmaceutical Branch anymore?

The people made their own speculations in their hearts.

"Tomorrow noon, I'll be waiting for you." The contemptuous gaze of the Shangguan Xiao swept over Tang Nazhi and Shen Yanxiao; he proudly raised his head and left the crowd.

"Anytime." Tang Nazhi wasn't polite to throw another word; he took Shen Yanxiao before pus.h.i.+ng against the crowd and striding away.

Shen Yanxiao allowed Tang Nazhi to drag her away from the people's sight. Staring at Tang Nazhi's back, ablaze with anger, her mouth could not help but hang a touch of smile.

"I say, you have a lot of guts. How can you know if I can win against Shangguan Xiao?" He actually went as far as to entrust his own future to her.

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