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Chapter 2335: The Power of Elements (1)

Translator : Raz P., White Sky

The sound waves produced by merpeople could cause great damage to creatures, and these damage to

humanoid machines would be directly doubled!

Under the impact of these sound waves, the three-star and four-star humanoid machines completely lost

their combat ability, their s.h.i.+ning eyes dimmed as they fell heavily to the ground.

Meanwhile, the situation of the ve-star humanoid machines and six-star humanoid machines was not

much better. Although they could still insist on ghting, one could tell from their ickering eyes that they

would not last long.

Since the target of these people in black were the alchemists, they naturally knew that dwarven

alchemists were best at building humanoid machines, and in this Alchemist Convention, there would be

plenty of powerful ones. How could they not have a powerful humanoid machine on their hands?

It was clear that the enemies were fully prepared before the attack.

These several people in black were experimental bodies integrated with the blood of merfolk, and their

arrival was especially to deal with the humanoid machines.

The last hope of the dwarves was extinguished, and the alchemists all looked deathly pale.

After the last six-star humanoid machine fell, there were no more obstacles in front of the black-clad men,

and they were about to extend their claws to the alchemists.

“Unexpectedly, they were able to nd a way to deal with the humanoid machines.” Mengmeng Qi was

heartbroken. It was because he was too condent and put too much faith in these humanoid machines

and mechanical puppets that he had encountered a big stumbling block here. Obviously, he was prepared

to deal with such a situation, but now he feared that the soldiers around the square had already suered

the same fate.

Mengmeng Qi was remorseful. He really should have listened to Shen Yanxiao and immediately moved

the alchemists to a safer place.

Just as the dwarves were desperate, a ery red gure stood in front of them, blocking the way of the

people in black.

“You can't pa.s.s here.” The re elemental spirit blinked its ruby-like, huge eyes; there was a blazing re all

over its body, and the ames continued to spread, forming a huge wall of re around the dwarves. There

was actually a person that had the momentum of a man that could hold the pa.s.s against ten thousand


Mo Yuxun frowned slightly. He had never seen such a strange creature. It wasn't a human, a dwarf, or an

alchemy product, but he could keenly feel the powerful aura of the red gure in front of him.

“Team one.” With a wave of one arm, Mo Yuxun tentatively ordered several people in black to sound it out

Those people in black were integrated with dragon blood and undead blood. The dragon had a certain

degree of immunity to ames; they immediately spread the dragon scales all over their body, trying to

charge toward the re elemental spirit.

“You can't pa.s.s here.” The re elemental spirit blinked its eyes again, looking at the approaching blackclad people. Its small head was slowly thinking about Shen Yanxiao's instructions.

Shen Yanxiao asked it to keep Mengmeng Qi safe, and she said that all the non-dwarves, and the few

other beings apart from their group that appeared, were the enemy.

The re elemental spirit looked again at the approaching black-clad people.

These should be the enemy!

As soon as the hostile relations.h.i.+p was established, the re elemental spirit folded its hands across its

chest, and a ame cross ashed red between his arms. The next second, the ame cross-slashed away at

the people in black.

The ame roared away with unbearable heat and exploded the moment it made contact with the people

in black!

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